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Probably. The name was owned by Sears Roebuck and after a brief period when they owned their own firearms manufacturer (Meriden Arms) Stevens made most of their single shot shotguns.

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Q: If you have an old single shot 12 gauge marked Long Tom is this a J Stevens shot gun?
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Who made long tom 101.1 12 gauge shotguns?

J. Stevens Arms Company

What sized slug can a rossi 20-gauge shoot?

A Rossi 20 gauge single shot shotgun can fire any factory-made rifled slug, as long as the barrel is marked Modified, IC, or Cylinder. If it's marked Full, it may be too tight for some slugs. Remington Slugger is a suitable brand.

Stevens long rifle 22 single shot?

You haven't asked a question.

What is the value of a Stevens Model 94F 410 gauge with a 12 barrel?

Not sure what you mean by a "12 barrel." If it is a 12 inch long barrel, it has been cut off and is an illegal firearm. In any case, .410 single-shot Stevens guns bring $100 in top condition.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge Super Long Range single shot Goose Gun?

Trade name used by Sears. Actual manufacturer could be Hopkins & Allen, Stevens, and several others. Pre-1940.

Where can you find parts for Stevens model 75 22 rifle?

HI I have a Stevens 22 long single shot. I like to have a .17 HMR or a .17HM2 Barrel on it will it work

What is the value of a 1929 Long Tom 12 gauge single shot?

50-125 or so

What is the age of a Stevens Savage Arms 20 gauge shotgun with a 94C mark on the side?

They were made for a long time. If it has a serial number, it is post-1968.

What is the value of a 22 long J Stevens Marksman C663 single shot?

100.00--to 175.00 in very good condition.

My grandpa gave me Long Tom single shot 12 gauge rifle.What is its value.?

go pronhub

What is a genuine armory long tom 12 gauge single shot shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

What has the author Judith Stevens-Long written?

Judith Stevens-Long has written: 'Adult life'

What is a Stevens 4.10 gauge by savage arms worth?

Depends on it's condition. Stevens is antique and no-longer in business Stevens Arms was an American firearms manufacturer founded by Joshua Stevens in 1864. The company introduced the .22 Long Rifle round and made a number of rifle, shotgun, and target pistol designs before being bought by Savage Arms in 1920. After 1920, Stevens made training rifles and machine-guns for the US Military. Savage stopped using the Stevens brand by 1950. (wiki)

What is the value of a J Stevens 22 pump long model 1915 Trade Mark Favorite?

The Stevens 1915 Favorite is not a pump-action rifle. It is a single-shot. First we need to figure out which model you actually have.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens single shot 22 caliber 7 inch long barrel top loaded handgun serial number 38968?

AnswerNeed to know EXACTLY how the gun is marked. All the barrel markings including patent dates, etc.sales@countrygunsmith.netTHE NUMBER STAMPED ON THE BARRELIS 52869 AND THE BARREL MEASURES 8 INCHES LONG

What gun manufacturer made old single shot 10 gauge shotguns?

No one made OLD ones, but almost every firearms manufacturer made NEW ones a long time ago. If you have a trade name marked on the gun, we may be able to provide a manufacturer's name and approximate age.

Single shot 22 short or long rifle Stevens westfield how much is it worth an how old is it?

50-100 USD. 50-100 years old

Who made the Long Tom shotgun with Patented August 12 1913 stamped on the barrel and no other markings?

That patent date identifies a Stevens single shot.

Single shot 12 gauge long barrel with the only markings on it is an oak leaf manufactured in NY?

Probably made at the turn of the century.

Can 20 gauge Remington express shoot 3 magnum shotshell?

Yes as long as the chamber is marked for the It would say chambered for 2 3/4 or 3in shell.

What is value of a Sears Roebuck Company JC Higgins Model 101.16 marked 'long rifle only as automatic' and '22 short long or long rifle'?

your rifle was made by J Stevens arms Co. 101 16 was the Stevens model 87A 22 cal semi auto rifle .1946 to 1955 >Stevens made a lot of these rifles and their vallue is some what low between 75 and 125 dollars depending on condition They are excellent rifles fun to shoot and very accurate

Where was Riverside Arms located and how long was it in business?

Riverside Arms was a trade name used by J. Stevens Arms division of Savage Arms. The Stevens historian could probably tell us (for a fee) when the first and last guns marked Riverside were produced, but it would be somewhere close to 1920 and 1950.

Stevens model 94?

value of Stevens model 94 long tom perfect condition

Stevens Arms 22-Long Rifle Pat 1913?

What is the value of a Stevens Arms 22-Long Rifle Pat. 1913.

Your grandpa gave you Long Tom single shot 12 gauge rifleWhat is its value?

It is a 12 gauge shotgun, not a rifle. Retail value will depend on condition, but typically is in the $75-$125 range. As your grandpa's gun, it is priceless.