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3 Ways To Control Your Asthma Without Using Your Inhaler

Ginger - The ginger compounds used to treat airway smooth muscle and it is best for asthma. Patient take a clearly breath.

Yoga - The deep breathing was best solution for asthma patient. In the morning patient give some time for yoga it will help in asthma.

Butterbur - Butterbur herb use the leaf, root, and bulb to make medicine. This herb has been used for years to treat asthmatics in Asia.

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Q: If you have asthma can you ever get rid of it?
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How do you get rid of asthma if you can?

It is not possible to get rid of asthma but you can manage it by ongoing treatment.

If you have asthma can you get rid of it?

not exactly.but can follow remedies.onions are good for asthma patients

How can you get rid of asthma quick?

AnswerYou can't

You have asthma you stopped smoking mariguana and your asthma is coming back why is that happening?

Here it describes how to get rid of asthma visit

What type of medication can get rid of your asthma?

I heard of Zithromax can get rid of asthma, I have asthma to but i haven't tried Zithromax yet because my doctor says i don't need it even though I have severe asthma, Mabee im to young for it cause im 11. Well I hope this helps :)

Does asthma ever get cured?


What is the treatment or asthma?

you can't treet asthma because it is something you were born with. asthma can never ever go away. if you have asthma it would be a good idea to have your puffer everywhere with you

What were the treatments for asthma in Victorian England?

I don't believe that Victorian England ever had asthma as a disease. Asthma was hardly ever diagnosed before 1900s. It would've been diagnosed as a bronchial disease and they were mostly treated with hot packs.

Do corgis cause asthma?

Yes, I believe Corgi dogs can trigger asthma. I have asthma myself and have noticed that particular breed does trigger my asthma. Corgis shed quite a lot and have a lot of dander. I noticed that when I vacuum my room it helps but it is almost impossible to get rid of all the hairs.

What is the littlest time a person ever had asthma?

1 second

How can you get rid of asthma?

Not as yet possible... but the symptoms can be alleviated... see a doctor for proper diagnosis & treatment.

Is there some thing to get rid of asthma?

No but there are medicens to help . See your doctor for further instrutions and perscriptions

Can you get rid of Asthma?

Not as yet possible... but the symptoms can be alleviated... see a doctor for proper diagnosis & treatment.

When ever i run i have a problem with my heart that i can't breath does that mean i am asthma?

If you have other symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing, then you probably have exercise-induced asthma, which means that you have asthma like symptoms when you exercise.

What animals help asthma?

None as far as I ever in Tudor times the believed spider's and butter was the best cure for asthma.

Is acute asthma the worst type of asthma?

Asthma ranges from minor to severe breathing deficiency. However, Acute asthma is NOT one of the most severe forms of this common ailment. It is of moderate stature. New York University Asthma can be alot more painful when servere as i have experienced myself. It will start off like a small asthma attack as normal but then it can go into a rather large one. Here it describes how to get rid of asthma visit

How does your immune system fight off asthma?

no becasue asthma is a respitory problem and it is no into your blood stream having that said therfore it couldn't be touched by your immune system also it doesn't even have the chemical inside it to get rid of asthma anyway only steroids do.

What are some Asthma relief tips that I can do at home?

To relieve Asthma you can change the filters for your heat/air units. This will help to get rid of the trapped dirt and grime without releasing it back into the air.

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Does idina menzel have asthma?

I think that Idina doesn't but when she does sing you can here her taking gasps for air in the middle of songs, but this does not mean she has asthma. But, IDINA MENZEL is still as AWESOME as ever, and one of the BEST singers ever!

What are 3 good questions on asthma?

1. Can you die from it?2.Will it ever go away from your body or do you live with it forever?3.What is the percentage of people with asthma?

Asthma how to cure by means of herbal?

I had asthma for more that 40 years before I discovered certain herbs that helped me rid myself of the death defying disease, and I accomplished this in 30 days just with herbs...

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I Would "Get rid of" Who ever did get rid of all the wolves . . . .

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No you cannot.

Do asthma give a lot of attacks?

well it depends on how bad your asthma is and how you treat it. You need to keep on top of it or you will have an asthma attack. An asthma attack is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin. It is when the persons chest tightens up and is finding it hard to breathe. It is terrifying to have an asthma attack. I have asthma and i have at least 1 asthma attack a year. I have had 2 seriously bad ones which have put me into hospital. But some asthma attacks can be solved by taking the blue inhaler (or which ever one your doctor has given you)