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If you've been having sex you should take a pregnancy test. The pill is only 98% effective and there is always a chance of pregnancy. If it is negative and your period still doesn't start in a few days, go to the doctors there is other reasons why a womans period can be late. (stress, eating habits etc.)

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Is your period supposed to be normal after getting off birth control?

Everyone starts getting their period after birth control eventually.

Which alcohol are you supposed 2 drink to stop your period?

Birth control gin.

Can you get birth control when your on your period?

yes it doesent change anything

Do you supposed to miss 2months of not having a period birth control?

can someone please help me out on this question....

Are you supposed to have your period while on birth control?

Yes, for the first few times you are supposed to, mostly what birth control does is regulate it. Also it takes about 3 months for the pills to start working completely.

Im on the birth control called LoOvral and you been spotting for two weeks and you are soppsoe to be getting your period but Iit still hasent came you took the Pregnancy test and it came out negative?

You need to see your Doctor for a blood pregnancy test and also change the brand of BCP.

Does starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your period?

No. starting birth control in the middle of your cycle does NOT delay your period. I started it in the middle of mine and i was fine. it ended on the EXACT day that it was supposed to.

Are you supposed to take your birth control during your period?

Hi, Your question is: Are you supposed to take your birth control during your period? When on birth control, depending upon which brand you are on you will either need to take sugar pills for 7 days or stop taking your pills for 7 days. Your prescriber should of explained this to you. Contact them to be certain.

Can taking birth control pills for 3 days and then stopping cause your period to come earlier if you are actually supposed to get your period in a week or so?

Yes, it can.

Are you suposed to get you period on the first day of taking the inactive birth control pill?

no your are supposed to start the pill on the day u finish ur period

What can you do to not have your period?

You shouldn't do anything to try to stop it, but there are birth control pills that help.

Could being on birth control affect your period?

That is exactly what it is supposed to do, yes. The whole idea is to regulate your period so that you don't get pregnant as easily. Birth control pills are made from female hormones.

If i started my period on Thursday and i am starting birth control for the first time this Sunday when should i expect my next period?

You will begin your period the next month as usual, except more on target. you are supposed to start the birth control the first Sunday after you get your period, so you are doing it right.

Can you do or take anything to skip a period on purpose without being on birth control?

Birth control is the only healthy way of skipping a period. Continous skipping of periods through birth control is not adviseable.

Will you be protected on birth control if you had un-protected sex on your period during the week of the pills your supposed to take to get your period on birth control?

As long as you have not missed any of the pills during the first three weeks in the pack, you are still protected during your period.

Birth Control So I just started birth control today Wednesday but my period started yesterday Tuesday and I have the 28 pack I was wondering if I am taking them right when should i get a new pack?

I believe that you are supposed to start your birth control pack on the Sunday after your period starts.

If you start taking birth control two weeks before your period will it delay your period?

Yes it will, at least it should. You're supposed to start your period when you get to the last week of them. But it's perfectly fine to delay your period, unless you do it for a long period of time.

Birth Control So I just started birth control today Wednesday but my period started yesterday Tuesday and I have the 28 pack I was wondering if I am taking them right?

You should call your doctor to get clarification of how to take your birth control pills. Birth control pills are supposed to be started on the Sunday after your period begins.

Can you take the birth control period pills sooner than you are supposed to?

You should only take it after your first period and then still it can have unwanted side effects on your sexual and physical development.

What can you drink to make your period shorter?

There isn't anything you can drink to make your period shorter but many forms of hormonal birth control will have this effect.

Your period started yesterday you have a pack of birth control pills Is there anything you can do to make it stop once it has started?

If you start the birth control pill now, the period is likely to be shorter, although that's not guaranteed.

What do you spray the dog with when on its period?

Nothing the dog has no control over it's body. Spraying her with anything is illogical.

Your periods is irregular how can you regular your period?

you cant do anything to your period its a natural thing you cant control it and if you have just started then its normally irregular :) hope i helped you :)

What would happen if you put on a birth control patch when your supposed to be on your period that week?

If you put on a new patch when it's supposed to be your patch-free week, there are no special dangers. You will not be at increased risk for pregnancy. You may miss your period, and you may have unscheduled spotting during the next cycle.

How long after starting a new birth control does your period start?

It really just depends on what type of birth control your taking, and when you start to take them. If you missed a week or two after getting off your period then you may spot for a few days, but you should start when your supposed to.