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If this man is truly your soulmate then you must believe in the fact that you will one day be together. To believe in the word "soulmate" means you believe in destiny and that you are both meant to be together and will be. Since you have doubts because he is married, there is something deep within you telling you something you don't want to hear "he's not for you right now!" You may think he's the only person in your life, but he isn't. When a couple are first married it is so easy to stray on each other with some partners. It takes time and effort to get use to each other. Sometimes people become frightened when they settled down into a marriage. Being married is the biggest commitment you'll make in your life and no matter how many years you are married it takes a lot of work to have a decent one. Some men (or some women) just have to cheat because they need to be stroked often and told how wonderful they are. These types of people are insecure in themselves. When I was 19 years old I worked at an Insurance company doing books. An audit came up and they sent this young 24 year old to audit our books and of course I had to work with him. I began to love going getting up in the morning and going to work and seeing this man there and the fact I was falling in love with him snuck up on me so quickly. We often went for lunch, but that was it, and then, one day we went for a walk through a beautiful rose garden nearby. I remember so clearly when he walked over to one of the rose bushes and picked a rose and then sweetly handed it to me. It was tender and sweet and then the bomb hit! He sat beside me and said he wished he had met me a few years before, but he was married with a child. I was shocked and it had never entered my mind he was married (not all men wear wedding bands). 2 days after this he left the company I worked for and a replacement was brought in. Later, I found a note in my desk addressed to me and he told me he found it hard to work beside me, but he loved his wife and child and he didn't want to risk ruining their lives together and yes, he had started to fall in love with me. I still have that letter. I was heart-broken, but realized in a few months how wonderful this man was for being so honest and not starting a cheap affair with me and he helped me to trust men more when dating. Honesty is so important between the sexes. I told you that story so you would realize that we can have wonderful memories to hold dear to our hearts and sometimes we win in romance and sometimes we lose. If he really wanted to be with you he would be. I think you know the truth. Just as I had to accept that young man was married with children (I would never date a married man if I knew he was married) you are going to have to accept the fact the guy you love has made his decision to stay with his wife. Either he's one great guy and doing the right thing, or he was playing with your feelings. Many men just want a one night stand. I don't know if he's like this is or not, but chalk it up to experience and realize you will meet that special someone out there one day. Don't be in such a hurry to fall in love with love itself and go out there and have fun with friends and when you least expect it that's when you're going to meet that someone special. The other side of this is, if you truly believe this man is your soulmate you just never know what will happen further along in your life. Just don't sit around letting your life slip by you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you have found your soulmate and you love each other deeply but he is afraid to leave his wife how do you get over him?
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