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Even the best FAQ Farmer with specific medical knowledge in this area will have trouble answering this question without seeing the "bump" in question. For the best answer, it may be adviseable to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Happy healing!

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If you bump your head how long does it take for a lump or bump to form?

Anytime Really.

How long does a head bump heal?

It shouldn't take long for a head bump to heal. If it sticks around for more than a couple of days you should see a doctor.

If you have a bump on your head from hitting a wall how long does it take to get smaller and how much smaller can it get?

Well, unless it has clotted underneath the skin it will go down in a week or so. It could be sore too. Why not have the wall removed so this doesnt happen again. It should reduce itself to nothing. if u got a bump on your head hit it even harder in the same place and it will go down immedietly no joke

How long does it take for bump on head to go away?

1 week with ice on it

What is the seriousness of hitting your head and a bump forming?

Not that serious. Hitting your head and not having a bump form could be really serious. If it doesn't bump outward, it might bump inward (subderal hematoma) putting pressure on the brain.

How long does a bump stay on the head?

It depends on what is causing the bump. My sister had a bump on the top of her head that was there for more than 10 years. Every time she was pregnant the increase in hormones would cause the bump to grow bigger. Every doctor she saw for the bump told her that it would go away. Well, as I stated before, it didn't. Finally after 10 years and a bump the size of a golf ball she found a doctor who would help her. We took her to the hospital where they did surgery to remove the bump and test it for cancer, etc. Come to find out, she had an ingrown hair. That hair was as long as the rest of her hair which was way down past her waist. We were very fortunate that it was nothing more. I recommend that you see a doctor to have the lump evaluated. And keep track of the bump...if it grows, changes color, etc. That is valuable information to getting the right treatment.

When will the bump on your head go away?

This depends on what caused the bump and how long it has been there. It is best to seek medical advice if it doesn't go away within a reasonable time. In most cases, the bump will go away on its own.

How long should your head hurt after you bump it?

The amount of time that a persons head will hurt after they bump it will vary for each person. On average, it should only hurt for 30 minutes or so. If the pain is still there after an hour, seek medical help as it could be a concussion.

How long does it take for a bump on the back of the head to go down?

This question depends on the type of tissue mass on the head. If the 'bump' is an inflammation caused by a blow it may take hours to resolve. However, a bumps can also regard infection and even tumors. The detection of any kind of bump should necessitate immediate medical diagnosis and attention.

Hit my head years ago had bump ever since not painful it is both hard and fluidly?

It's common and it's similar to 'water on the knee.' When the body becomes dehydrated, particularly hot or the person is standing for a long length of time this can cause 'water on the knee.' In the case of the bump on your head you have something similar, but, anything to do with the head should be checked out by a specialist to be sure there is no other injuries to the head. Please don't assume this is like water on the knee and do nothing about it. Any bump or lump should be checked out by your doctor and generally everything is just fine and it will put your mind to rest.

How long should a bump on your forehead last after passing out?

If you hit your head and passed out you need to seek medical attention. You may have suffered a concussion and need the knot on your head looked at.

How long will lump on forehead totally heal if child accidentally bump his head against the wall?

If your child hit their head that hard, you should take them to the doctor right away.

Can the head of the penis contact with the uterus?

No. If the penis is long it might bump against the opening of the uterus, the cervix, but it never reaches the uterus.

How do you make Baig's head smaller?

the #1 best surgeon that works on extraoirdinary animals and this will take long as baig's head is really big

How long can a tick live without a head?

200 years

How long can a hammered head shark grow?

278 years

How long a man live without his head?

5 years

After bump on head how long do you wait to go to sleep?

Recent studies have shown that a person who has bumped their head does not necessarily need to be kept awake. As long as the person is alert, able to hold a conversation, and does not have dilated pupils or trouble walking it is okay to let them sleep.

What is a sailfish marlin?

sailfish is different to marlin, marlin have a long bill and a large fin on its head and a large crescent shaped tail, sailfish are smaller and have one long fin on its head to its back.

What rhymes with long jump?

Wrong bump?

Is bump short or long vowel?


How long does a soft spot stay on a babies head?

9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years.

What is a hard bump on side of head that does not hurt and has been there for a month?

Probably just a cyst. They commonly can stay for a long time, and then resolve on their own. If not, see a doctor and have it checked out.

How long does the swelling on the forehead takes for 2 year olds and what signs must one watch for to detect dangers caused by the fall?

Any serious bump on the head in a young child should be seen by a doctor. There could otherwise be mental problems in the years ahead.

How long should i ice my bump?

I like 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for an hour, stop for an hour or so and start again. YOu can keep up the 10/10 process pretty much indefinately. Do this as long as the bump hurts or you'd like it to get smaller.Ice should only be applied until inflammation has been reduced to a reasonable size.

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