Pregnancy Symptoms

If you have had some pregnancy symptoms but its only been about 3 weeks since you had unprotected sex and your period came 3 days after you had sex are you pregnant?



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Most likely not, but it depends on quite a few things. If your period was very light with just blotting, that is common for pregnancy. However, if your period came at the due date, your unprotected sex was too late to fertalize the egg. Also, some woman think they have pregnancy symptoms when they don't, mind over matter. I would say to put the question to rest, take a pregnancy test.

my question is well when you have sex four times and only hade sex with a condome twice and the rest unprotected if he didnt come can sperm still sneack out of his penis and say if you had your period but it was eregulare and you never had a eregulare period like that like if your normal period starts but sopose to last seven days and had it only four days but it was light then dark and started faiding away and you thought you were finished with your period but you really werent and just keept on experiencinc spoting beetween days you thought you were done. what does that mean like you been experiencing tiredness and wanting to feel like vomiting everymorning your chest feels sore alot what does all that mean do i have to worry about anything