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If you have made this new State your primary residence state, your insurance company may require after one year that you register your car and your license in your new state. The auto insurance should follow the registered state, and if you are a permanent resident, then you should register your car and re-write a new auto policy for that state.

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Q: If you have insurance on your car from another state what happens if you do not change the insurance to the new state you live and work in?
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If you are in the military and stationed in another state do you have to change your auto insurance to that state?

If you are in the military and stationed in another state, you do not have to change your auto insurance to another state if you plan to reside at minimum of 6 months. However, if you plan to change your state driver's license and reside more than 6 months, your auto insurance must be changed.

What happens if the person that hits you is covered in another state?

Nothing happens if a person that hits someone in their vehicle and their insurance is covered through another state than the accident happened at. Car insurance companies will pay for damages no matter where they happen at.

Can I buy cheap car insurance in California and then move to another state and have it still apply?

No, you must change your car insurance when you move

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What if you have no-fault insurance drive in a fault state?

In the insurance department; in whatever state you buy it, it will change to meet the minimum law requirements in whatever state you are visiting; however if you move to another state you must get your insurance changed to meet that states law requirements

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What happens if the driver gets a DWI on your insurance?

It depends from state to state, but it probably shouldn't affect your insurance.

I am going to school out of state got a license in that state but have a car registered in my name from another state does that mean you need to get a new vehicle tag and insurance from that state?

well i think you might need to change your insurance but not the tags necessarilly

Can you continue to keep one state's auto insurance and move to another state?

If you change your registration to that state, you'll have to change your insurance with it. Keeping your car registered in a state where you do not reside can result in your policy being cancelled, or you getting a ticket for not having your car registered where you reside. (Especially if you get into an accident.)

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What happens to No fault insurance in a fault state?

At-fault state laws apply.

When you change your Drivers licence to another state does your previous state auto insurance cover you when you travel out of your state if you didn't change it?

Most likely not since most states have different laws for auto insurance (the policies change). When you change your address, you will most likely have to start a new policy. Also, if you do not have the correct address on your insurance policy, they can deny coverage (especially for theft) because the price of your policy is based statistics for your area

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