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IMHO Yes CA Insurance Code 10270.98, but you would only get paid from the HMO

Group disability (Health Insurance) policies may provide, among other things, that the benefits payable there under are subject to reduction if the individual insured has any other coverage (other than individual policies or contracts) providing hospital, surgical or medical benefits, whether on an indemnity basis or a provision of service basis,


in such insured being eligible for more than 100 percent of the covered expenses.

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The standard method used by the insurance industry is: actual current active employer is primary; retiree/annuitant is secondary

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How is induced current in a secondary coil related to current in primary coil?

Secondary current = Primary current *(Number of secondary turns /Number of primary) turnsAnswerA current isn't 'induced' into the secondary winding of a transformer. It's a voltage that is induced into the secondary winding.Provided the secondary winding is connected to a load, the secondary voltage then supplies a secondary current which is determined from (Is = Vs/Rload). The primary current then depends upon the value of the secondary current and the turns ratio.

Where can you get liability insurance for a Labrador in Florida?

Should be covered under your homeowner's or renter's insurance unless the dog has ever attacked someone (most Labs are fine), so talk to your current insurance provider.

What is the current in the secondary coil if current in primary is 5.0A?

It depends on the turns ratio between the primary and the secondary. If the ratio were 10:1, a step-down transformer, for instance, the current in the secondary would be about 50A. If it were 1:10, a step-up transformer, however, the current in the secondary would be about 0.5A.AnswerThe primary current doesn't determine the secondary current. The secondary current is entirely-dependent on the secondary voltage and the impedance of the load. It is this secondary current that the determines the primary current. So you should be asking, "What value of secondary current would result in a primary current of 5.0 A?"

Is there a law protecting women from having to change if the insurance provider drops your current doctor?

Not that I'm aware of - if the insurance company or your current doctor drop one another it's probably because the insurance is not willing to pay more and/or the doctor is not willing to be paid the "negotiated rate".

What is the current in the secondary coil fi the current in the primary coil is 5.0A 10 loops on primary coil and 20 on secondary coil?

The secondary current depends upon the load, not the primary current. Once you know the secondary current, you can then work out the primary current.

What is the output in amperes on the secondary side of a 50 vac transformer?

The secondary current is determined by the load, not by the transformer. For example, if the secondary voltage is 50 V and the load is 100 ohms, then the secondary current will be 0.5 A. If the load is 25 ohms, then the secondary current will be 2 A. It is important that a continuous secondary current doesn't exceed the rated secondary current of the transformer.

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to medical insurance?

Often, a person will have "primary" insurance and "secondary" insurance. For example, if you have insurance through your job, and your husband has insurance through his job, then your primary insurance will be the one through your job, and your secondary insurance will be the one through your husband's job. Also, your husband's insurance through his job will be his primary, and yours through your job will be his secondary. There can be some exceptions to this though. For example, if you were married, had a child, then divorced and remarried (retaining custody of the child), and both your ex and current husbands have insurance through work, then the one who's birthday is first is considered the "primary" insurance, and the other is the "secondary" insurance. But there will still be a deductible with each one that has to be met before either one will pay.

How do you calculate current on secondary side of transformer?

The secondary current is calculated by dividing the secondary current by the impedance of the load. This value shouldn't exceed the secondary-winding's rated current except for short periods of time.

How does the product of voltage and current in the primary compare with the product of voltage and current in the secondary?

The current in the secondary when the voltage is twice the primary will be one half of the primary. The current in the primary when the voltage is twice the secondary will be twice the secondary.

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In a transformer what induces a current in the secondary coil?

The current flowing in the primary generates a magnetic field which induces a current in the secondary winding.AnswerNo current is induced into the secondary winding of a transformer. What is induced is voltage. Current will only flow in the secondary winding if it is connected to the load, and it is the load that determines the current, not the primary current.

WHAT TYPE OF transformers has secondary current of the same order as the magnetising current?

A one to one, i.e. isolation, transformer.CommentIt might be worth pointing out that the secondary current is determined by the load, and the primary current is then determined by the secondary current. The questioner appears to think that the secondary current is determined by the primary current.

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A person can get cost effective sports car insurance through their current insurance provider. Due to the nature of sports cars going fast however they are typically very expensive to insure.

What is current in 100kva transformer?

The rated secondary current depend on the rated secondary voltage.