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There is no exercise to make your nipples stop sticking out try wearing a padded bra this will give you some slack...good luck and God BLess1

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Q: If you have large nipples that stick out when you wear shirts what exercise can you do to make them go away?
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I am 17 years old female I have no nipples they don't stick out is this normal?

Well by you saying that your nipples don't stick out I assume that you do have nipples. Not every woman's nipples stick out. It is like a belly button. Most are innies and some are outies. Some women have inverted nipples. It is really nothing you can change though. It is just a unique part of your body.

Your nipples are not sticking out they are pushed in and you are a 15 year old boy who have not hit puberty is that normal?

My nipples only stick out in the cold. try rubbing ice on them and see if they stick out.

How come when it is cold your nipples stick out?

because you are exteremely aroused

Why can you see a girl's nipples through her shirt?

Because she either wears a shirt that is too small or thin or she doesn't wear a bra. Another reason could be she is cold. Some women have nipples that stick out a bit, it's normal. Teens don't always have that because they are not fully grown yet. It's actually fully possible to see mens nipples through their shirts as well.

How do you touch girls urinary opening?

Just stick your hand down her pants and then lick her nipples

Is it normal for a girls nipples to go hard stick out when there touched?

it's called arousal. google it.

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How much does a stick on bra cost?

I don't recommend buying a stick on bra, as what ever substance used to stick to your breasts will more than likely leave your breasts and more importantly your nipples feeling sore. Not to mention if it damages your nipples, you'll wind up wishing you hadn't bought the bra and would have to deal with sore breasts until it heals.

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Soo.......WHY ARE NIPPLES GORGEOUS? THATS WHAT WE WANT TO FIND OUT!Me and my friend Shona think that nipples are gorgeous because they smell cheesy and we lovveeee cheese.They have nobbly bits around them and the nipples just love to stick out! x :)Thanks xIf you have anymore questions then please contact me on YOU X

Why do older mens nipples stick out?

Because the have to used them in a very very long time. The body reacts to it and the grow.

Why my nipples often goes inside. When exposed to water or stimulation it comes out?

because they're cold they stick out

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0_o yea, I don't think a girl would go to school with no bra, and have her nipples stick through her shirt.

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