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Not really, I'm afraid to say, but it is supposed to go away or at least decrease in size by the time you hit your late teens, but it doesn't always happen. My boyfriend still has his, but it is possible to lead a normal active life!! He plays cricket regularly and walks 7 miles a day to work and back, it does cause pain sometimes - especially when it is cold. But ibruprofen helps to keep the swelling down. Also once the bump has stopped growing (if it does),the doctor can remove it with a small operation. p3nis

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โˆ™ 2009-04-02 18:09:07
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Q: If you have osgood-schlatters disease is there a way to not get a large bump below your knee?
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Is a large bump in the of the back of your head normal?

No. But it may or may not be a symptom of a disease. You might just have an unusually shaped skull (or even a usually shaped skull which you have misinterpretted as a bump).

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What can cause a red hard bump on your testicle?

a disease... go get it checked out

What is the medical definition of Osgood-Schlatter's disease?

Osgood-Schlatter's disease is basically a painful swelling with a specific location. This swelling is located below the knee, on the shinbone. The bump is a part of your anatomy - more technically known as the anterior tibial tubercle.

What could a hard large painful bump be under the skin on the leg be?

it is just your blood{blood bump}.<3

What do you do if your hamsters nose has a big bump on it?

Take your hamster to the vet it might have a disease.

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What is the orange with a large skin bump called?

It is called a minneola.

What is a small hard lump in front right below knee?

i don't know but i got it as well just below the knee is it small and hard?i believe it could be a condition known as "Osgood Schlatters Disease""A small, tender, bony bump may develop a few centimetres below the kneecap. This occurs where the patella ligament attaches to the tibia ('shin bone'). The small bump is permanent, although in time it becomes painless."taken from you could say osgood schlatters disease/or osteochondritis....inflammation of the tip of the tibia below the knee cap usually from adolescent growth and physical activity such as sports

Should you go to the doctor if you hit your head and have a large bump?


Who put the bump in the bump she bump she bump?

YOU put the bump in the bump she bump she bump

What is osgoodlsatters disease?

osgood/schlatter disease is a condition where the tendon that attaches at the top front of your tibia (your shin bone, just below the kneecap) slowly pulls away from the bone. Your body then deposits calcium here. This leaves a slight bump on your knee that can be very sensitive to pressure, like kneeling

What is the large bump on the medial side of your ankle?

Is formed by the medial malleolus of tibia

How to get rid of a bump in nose large nasal bridge It's been bothering me for years and I would love any sort of advice?

There is no way to get rid of a bump or large nasal bridge without seeing a plastic surgeon.

Is a bump on forehead dangerous?

well that's a hard question to answer if you didnt describe it. Id say if its a big large bump go see a doctor but make sure you know what a bugs bump is compared to a dangerous lump

What is a large red sore bump on back the size of a quarter painful even when not touching it?

It is most likely a large pimple.

The Large round projection on a bone is called?

A trochanter (which is a large bump for muscle attachment - it is larger than a tubercle or tuberosity)

Large bump under your skin on your upper right arm?

granuloma secondary to insect bite; allergic reactioin in injection or vaccination; soft tissue sarcoma; extension of bone tumor from humerus; metastatic disease; insect bite

You woke up this morning with a large bump on your forehead very painful the pain seems to go the top of your head as well and no you didn't get hit in the head or bump on anything an can't find a doc?

If you woke up with a large bump on your head, you need to keep a close watch on it. It could be a pimple or possibly an insect bite.

What could a large bump around the genital area be it pops like a pimple with witish stuff and blood comes out?

It could probably be Herpes or just razor bump.

Large bump on the back middle of my head ear in lined w earsIt sticks out 5 in and irregular shaped been very dizzy lately and have had many headaches but haven't fallen what is it?

A large bump on the back of your head/ear could be anything. If you are having dizziness and headaches, you will need to go to a doctor. They can do a biopsy on the bump to get a diagnoses.

Should you remove a large bump on your back that has started to smell if you are 6 months pregnant?

That would depend on what the cause of the bump and the smell are. You need to have your doctor look at it immediately, and get his opinion.

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Large hard bump on your foreheadthat does not hurt or is not getting bigger what could this be?

see a doctor ASAP

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