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It can be normal as your uterus is still expanding to accomodate your baby. However if the feeling is painful or out of the normal for you or if it's associated with decreased fetal movement you should contact your doctor right away. Either way a call to your doctor or midwife would be a good idea.

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What are the bones on the sides of the coccyx?

pelvic bone

What is located between the middle ear and the throat and serves to equalize pressure on both sides of the eardrum?

eustachian tube

What does it mean to say pressure is equalized?

That the pressure on two sides of a non-permeable barrier has been made equal on both sides.Through free air travel between the middle ear and nasal passage via the Eustachean Tube.

Is the Eustachian tube located between the between the middle ear and the pharynx to help equalize pressure on both sides of the eardrum?

That is correct.

Intex pool 12x24x52 setup issues i set it up and began to fill it now that it is half full the sides have caved in and i cant move the poles what do i do noe besides drain it?

It is normal for the sides to bow to the middle of the pool, as the pool fills the sides will right themselves by the weight of the water, it happened to me but it is normal.

What part of the ear allows air to enter to help equalize pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane?

The eustachian tube helps equalize pressure on the middle ear side of the tympanic membrane.

What happens when pressure is put on sides of a plate?

When pressure is put on the sides of a plate, an earthquake might form!

Is low pressure or high pressure stronger?

High pressure is stronger. Pressure is caused by the gas particles in a container hitting the sides of said container. At high pressure, the particles hit the sides of the container much more and therefore are pushing harder on the sides.

Is a tennis net higher on the sides than in the middle?

It is higher on the sides.

What is a human eustacian tube?

This is the tube that connects the ear with the throat. Its function is to equalize air pressure on both sides of the eardrum to keep the eardrum from rupturing and to reduce pain that may be felt when air pressure is reduced. When a person yawns or swallows, the eustachian tube opens, and some of the air in the middle ear may pass into the throat, adjusting the pressure in the middle ear to match the pressure in the outer ear.

When a tire is under inflated what part of the tire grips the road?

When a tire is properly inflated it will be level to the ground. Over inflated and the middle of the tire has the most pressure on the ground. Under inflated and the sides of the tire have the most pressure on the ground.

How much congruent sides does a trapezoid have?

If it is a normal trapezoid, 2 sides would be equal (the left and right sides).

Is it normal to have between the stomach and the back sides?

Normal to have what ? It helps to have a subject in the question.

What is the location of the ocean?

in the middle of the earth or the sides

What kind of shape does water have?

If you mean it by its atomic shape, its a hydrogen atom at both sides and an oxygen atom in the middle. But if you mean it by its normal appearance, then it can take up any shape.

Why would blockage of the auditory tube produce an earache?

If the auditory tube were blocked, it would not be possible to equalise the pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane. If external pressure then declines, the pressure in the middle ear would be greater than that on the outside, forcing the tympanic membrane outward and producing pain.

What is a fohawk?

A fohawk is a Mohawk in which you do not shave your sides. There is still hair on the sides but a little Mohawk in the middle

Why does pressure rise in a balloon when you squash it?

the pressure in a ballon increase because the gas particles are hitting the edges of the sides and it gets pushed through the sides so it becomes more pressure from inside than the outside

Shapes that have five sides?

A shape that has five sides is called a pentagon. A normal pentagon has all five sides that are the same length.

Where are low pressure and high pressure located?

On either sides of the pump, need more info.

Why doesnt the pressure of atmosphere break windows?

Because there is the same pressure on both sides of the glass.

Why doesn't the atmospheric pressure break windows?

This is because the pressure will be the same on both sides. It will not break since the pressure is even throughout.

Where is the location of the eustachian tube?

The Eustachian tube is a passageway which connects middle ear to nasopharynx (throat).It's function is to equalize pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane, which is necessary for proper hearing.

Why would a cake separate from the sides?

As a cake cools it begins to shrink away from the sides of the pan. This is normal.

What is a shape that has 6 sides and looks like a star and a hexagon in the middle?

Anything with 6 sides is a hexagon.

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