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No you will not.

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2010-07-03 14:47:06
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Q: If you have stopped taking seroquel 7months will have seroquel in your system?
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What if you stopped taking seroquel xr 400 with demencia?

This is a tricky one because Seroquel xr is not approved for the treatment of " dementia-related psychosis"

How long does it take to lose weight gained on Seroquel after you stop taking the medication?

I stopped 350 mg of seroquel in June and have lost 60 pounds to date

Can you drink coffee if taking Seroquel?

can you drink coffee and taking seroquel

Is it safe to drink while taking 600mg of seroquel?

because of seroquel's highly sedative qualities it is not a good idea to consume alcohol while taking seroquel.

Does Seroquel cause Flushing and Hot Flashes?

I can't say that it *causes* flushing and/or hot flashes. I *can* say that the detailed prescribing information (found on by clicking on "SEROQUEL prescribing information"), on page 38 under the Cardiovascular System, notes that vasodilatation is is an infrequent side effect. I am not a doctor or nurse, I am, however, taking Seroquel. I have a problem with flushing, even while not on medication. I don't know if it's just me imagining things, but it seems like the flushing has been exaggerated since taking the Seroquel. I'd also like to know if anyone has noticed flushing, or an increase in flushing, while taking Seroquel. I had really bad hot flashes and chills while taking seroquel. I had a bunch of tests ran on me, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. But 5 days after stopping Seroquel, the hot flashes stopped.

Can seroquel help you quit drugs?

Can taking seroquel help with xanax withdrawal?

What is the pregnancy risk category for seroquel?

Is there are risk of a baby to be born with defects if the father is bipolar and taking seroquel which is a psychotic Is there are risk of a baby to be born with defects if the father is bipolar and taking seroquel which is a psychotic

What medication works the same as seroquel?

200 mg of seroquel is the same as taking 4 xanax

Can you drive while taking seroquel?

You need at least 8 hours sleep after taking Seroquel. I recommend 10-12 hours sleep to be safe.

Can you take sertraline with seroquel?

Yes you can, I am currently on Sertraline 150mg and Seroquel 100mg. I am taking this for Major Depressive Disorder.

Can you take aspirin with seroquel?

Aspirin and Seroquel have no serious documented interactions, so you should be safe taking them together.

What are the effects of combining Wellbutrin with seroquel?

i am prescribed both seroquel and wellbutrin and i have not had any side effects by taking both.

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