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Yes. You might require an actual blood test to see if you are pregnant.

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Q: If you have taken two pregnancy tests and both said you were not pregnant but you still havent started your period could you be pregnant?
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If I had a light period for 3 days and normally they last 5 days followed with breast tenderness and I took a pregnancy test and it said negative but havent started my period am i pregnant?

Sounds to me like you are just having a period and are not pregnant.

Does a missed period mean no ovulation occurred?

if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could be lat starting but if you still havent started after a few days of when your period should of started go to your doctor your pharmicest and take a pregnancy test because you could be pregnant.

You havent came on your period for over a week and you did a pregnancy test yesterday but im not pregnant so why havent you came on?

Stress, change of life styles, it could be a many of things.

You have light bleeding like once a day for like 3 days but havent started your period?

you could be pregnant

Can you have a baby if you havent started your period?


Can you be pregnant if your period started a month late but you seem to be experiencing pregnancy signs?


Can you still get pregnant if you have not started your period yet?

No. ovulation has to occur in order for pregnancy to be possible.

Should you still take a pregnancy test if you were surprised by a period?

If your period started, you are most likely not pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

You have been having many symptoms of pregnancy and ive tried 3 pregnancy test but they all came out negative and you havent missed your period yet could you be pregnant?

Yes you can

Havent had a period for 2 months but not pregnant should you keep taking pill?

If you want to avoid pregnancy, you should keep taking the pill.

Can you be pregnant if you got dead sperm in you and havent get your period?


If you started your period 2 days early and you were planning on taking your pregnancy test before your period can you still take a pregnancy test while you are on your period?

What's the point? If you started your period then you are oviously not pregnant, save the test for next time.

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