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You are not pregnant hun. You may have a water infection but this is not pregnancy related.

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What do you do if you have a stomach ache?

go to the bathroom

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

If stomach acid leaks into your stomach do you die?

stomach acid is already in your stomach...

What can be the problem if you have no periods and stomach cramps?


Why do women get stomach ache and backache during periods?

due to the stomach pushing the blood

Why would your stomach gurgle?

You are either hungry, need to go to the bathroom, have a stomachache, or don't have enough fluids in your stomach.

How do you get rid of a bad stomach ache fast?

If you want to get rid of a bad stomach ache fast then: 1. lay down 2. rub your tummy for a little while 3. use the bathroom cause most of my stomach aches are from when i need to use the bathroom

What could cause stomach fluttering but no missed periods?

some sort of std such as siphilous in your stomach lining

To reduce stomach pain during periods?

Take Midol.

Why stomach pain occur during periods?

abdominal pain

How can you cure an upset stomach with things around the house?

You can go to the bathroom or put a rag that is warm over you upset stomach.

How do you make a sentence using the word stomach?

My best friends stomach felt good after she threw up in the girls bathroom.

What to do when you HAVE a stomach ache?

If you have a stomach ache then you take a drink of water, try to go to the bathroom, or you cam lay down and stretch out

If you had two periods the month before and the next month your stomach gets hard and you have synthems of pregnancy what does that mean?

a hard stomach and twin periods in one month mean you have twins on board.

How exercise effect periods?

it will effect periods ,its sure bcoz when we are jumping it will make overflow it &feel stomach ache

Your stomach is bloted and you cant eat as much as you use to you cant use the bathroom and your stomach is hard as a rock and keeps getting bigger plus when you suck in your stomach it hurts?

You can't use the bathroom? That could be serious; might be an intestinal blockage. Head to the emergency room dude!

How do you know you have eaten too much?

When your stomach hurts or when you need to go to the bathroom.

How to get rid of stomach ache?

my 15yr old son has a stomach ache and said he has been using the bathroom properly but he is in alot of pain.

What do i do ive been having to go to the bathroom more recently and stomach pains and back pains have occured within 6 days what do i do could these be signs of pregnancy?

they could be or you're going to go on youre periods more likely to be pregnante

Which tablet should you take for stomach pain during periods?


Does gum stay in your stomach for 7 years if swallowed?

No, because it decays when it enters your stomach and after that when you use the bathroom it goas away. You know what i mean.

What should you do if your stomach hurts at school?

You should ask to go to the bathroom. If you can't or it doesn't work, you should rub your stomach. Hope this helps.

How do you cure upset stomach in virtual family?

What does it mean if someone has to go to the bathroom a lot?

It means they are pregnant and the baby needs to go to the bathroom alot just like in real life . Babys go to the bathroom alot in the world, and they do the same in your stomach.

Do you lose weight with manasul tea?

it gives you stomach cramping and you go to the bathroom a lot.