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It is very unlikely that the virus is only affecting one of the accounts. I can almost assure you it is affecting all of them, even if you only see signs of it in one of the accounts. Check out online virus scanners such as Panda, and do an online scan, it may help you. Or download another antivirus program, personally I find the best one to be Avast (and its free for home users). On a side note: Norton is not as good an antivirus as most people say it is, it is a resource hog and tends to slow down your computer.

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Q: If you have the bloodhound virus on one of the accounts on your computer and Norton Antivirus cannot get into the bloodhound file what do you do to get rid of it?
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How do you remove bloodhound packed in c windows system32 svr32 exe?

The 1st thing, you need to do, is getting your Norton Antivirus uptodate. After you done that, start your computer in Save Mode and do a complete system-scan with your Norton Virusscanner. Good luck, Jahewi :-)

How do you reload Norton Antivirus to your laptop?

Install it from the disc that came when you bought Norton AntiVirus. If it came bundled with the computer than you may need to download it again from the Norton website.

What is better Norton OR CA?

Norton antivirus products are very popular antivirus and anti-spyware programs in the software market. One of its products is Norton AntiVirus 2009. Many computer users have installed it as their PC security tool. I have used it for a long time, and it is really reliable antivirus software in my opinion. don not know about you but i went to collage about computers they say norton makes your computer slow

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Norton antivirus?

An advantage is that Norton is a leader in antivirus software and stops most viruses before they have a chance to harm your computer. A disadvantage is that Norton is costly and free antivirus programs are available that do almost, if not just as well.

How do you download Norton Antivirus onto a second computer?

To download Norton antivirus onto a second computer, you must log into your Norton account. This account would have been created when you first installed the software. You can access the product key and serial number through your Norton account which you will need in order to download the program onto a second computer.

Is Norton Antivirus a Computer application?

Any file on a computer that is supposed to carry out a specified action when executed is classified as an application. So yes, Norton is a computer application.

What is the cost of Norton Antivirus in Australia?

The price for Norton Antivirus programs in Australia can vary slightly between sellers. It is available on Norton's website for 59.99 for one computer, and 114.99 for two years protection for one computer. It can also be found on Ebay for cheaper prices.

How can you find more information about Norton antivirus?

Norton is the leader in security software for your computer with more PC Magazine Editor's choice awards than any other security company. Start a free trial and protect your PC today!

Different types of antivirus?

Antivirus software is important in keeping a computer 'healthy'. The different types of antivirus programs are; avg, MacAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, and Adware.

Do you have to buy a new Norton subscription for a second computer?

Yes, unless the computer comes with the Norton Antivirus Software preinstalled. Of course, if I were you, I would let the 60-90 day trial subscription run out then download (if and ONLY if it is for personal computer use) the free basic AVG antivirus software. If you are using it for a business network, i would still use AVG. Norton has a tendancy to put a Windows virus on your computer, thus making the computer completely inoperable. A fellow college student said that her laptop had Norton and it had put a virus on her computer. So, in other words, Norton is NOT a reliable antivirus software to use.

How can a computer virus be removed from a computer?

Yes a computer virus can be removed from a computer. At the very least it can be quarantined so it does not affect the system. Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus can scan your system for a virus and get rid of it.

Does imvu give your a computer a virus even if your using norton as antivirus protection?

Yeah it can

How do you turn off auto protect option in norton security scan?

Norton is the leader in security software for your computer with more PC Magazine Editor's choice awards than any other security company. Start a free trial and protect your PC today!

Where can one purchase Norton Antivirus for Mac?

There are many places where one can purchase Norton Antivirus for the Mac. This includes the Norton Antivirus online store, as well as a local computing retailer.

What is the Norton Antivirus Software?

A software that stops viruses from getting into your computer, stealing personal stuff and messing up your computer.

History of norton antivirus?

History of Norton Antivirus: The Norton AntiVirus is offered for sale as a product by itself. It means that it can be installed in computers as a program. This product is also sold as a component of other Norton software program. Norton Internet Security and Norton SystemWorks includes the antivirus program as one of their programs. The NAV was developed by Symantec Corporation. It detects and removes viruses, spyware, adware, and other possible risks to computers. NAV was first released in 1990. The NAV was incorporated with its main competitor in 1994. The era rival was the Central Point Anti-Virus or the CPAV. Likewise, CPAV was licensed as the Microsoft Anti-Virus utility. The latest edition of the Norton software is the Norton AntiVirus 2009 version. The Norton AntiVirus is the fourth most popular among 289 products. The antivirus software is offered for free trial for fifteen days. The purchase price is $39.99. The minimum requirements for this antivirus software is Windows XP or Windows Vista. The Norton AntiVirus is continually being improved to meet the demands of the times. Evil minds are still creating viruses maligning the integrity of beneficial computer systems. All of us computer users can depend on a strong shield in Norton.

Where can one download Norton Antivirus?

Norton is the leader in security software for your computer with more PC Magazine Editor's choice awards than any other security company. Start a free trial and protect your PC today!

What is the name of the company that makes kaspersky antivirus?

Kaspersky Lab maintains Kaspersky antivirus, much like Norton maintains Norton antivirus and McAfee maintains McAfee antivirus.

What is The Norton Antivirus 2004?

Norton is the leader in security software for your computer with more PC Magazine Editor's choice awards than any other security company. To get the best deals on Norton Antivirus click the link below h tt ps://yazing. com/deals/norton. com/blackreddragon (Please remove spaces from the link when pasting it.)

Where can one find information about Norton Antivirus software?

One can find information about Norton Antivirus software on the official Norton website. One could also read reviews about Norton Antivirus. Reviews can for example be found in PC Magazine.

Can Norton Antivirus Software prevent worms in pets?

"Norton Antivirus is a program that you install on your computer system in order to protect yourself from receiving various viruses, one of which is called a worm. This however will not assist in worms in pets."

Can the Norton Antivirus 2008 that I purchased be used on more than one computer in the home?

The subscription is based on one computer. Therefore, the 2008 disk you purchased entitles you to 1 year of Norton AntiVirus on the computer you select to upload the software on. Legally, probably not. Read the user agreement, in that it outlines leagal usage.

How often do Norton Antivirus updates come out?

It is difficult to provide a definite answer as to how often Norton Antivirus updates come out. It is found that there are updates provided when there are issues that need to be addressed. Technology is always changing, and if the antivirus requires an update, Norton will make an update for the issue and release it to their customers when it is available. If it is installed on your computer you will likely update at least once a day.

What keeps your computer safe?

well thats easy fire wal or norton and other antivirus progams

How can you tell if someone is spying on your computer?

Get an antivirus progam. I use Norton 360. It works. Xweetox Girl