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YOURS 99.7%. Theirs 00.03%

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Can a cosigner help your credit?

from what i know when you sign on a cosigner you hand your item to them so if you make good payments it builds their credit if you fail to make payments it hurts their credit but it is a good way to start.

How can one accept credit card payments online?

There are many different companies that can help you with payments online. For example you have CCBill, PayPal and ProPay. They all accept credit card payments against a fee.

Do joint credit card help both credit scores?

Yes but it will also hurt both credit scores if the payments are not on time.

How do loans and debt consolidation affect credit score?

If you pay your bills on time and in full each month it will help your credit score rise. If you are late on payments and have outstanding payments then your credit score will become lower. Your credit score is an important thing to help you obtain loans such as car loans or a mortgage.

Does paying your cell phone bill on time help your credit?

It can't hurt your credit. Most all cell phone providers do NOT report your good on-time payments but will report late payments.

Is opening up a bank account a good way of establishing credit?

Simply opening a bank account won't improve your credit, however if you take out a loan, and make payments on time, or if you have a credit card with them and make monthly payments on time that will help build your credit.

Can remortgages help you lower bad credit?

Yes, if you make the payments once you refinance in a timely fashion and are not late on a payment. This will actually help raise your credit score.

If your spouse's car was repossessed can you make payments to get it back?

Yes. And that will help out their credit history too:)

Will a millionaire help me if i need money?

I am in an urgent situation. Unable to make the payments on the credit card bills.

will HDFC cards help build my credit?

An HDFC card will help build your credit over a period of time with regular on-time payments. These cards are tailored to meet the individual needs of the buyer.

Does paying off your car help your credit score?

To pay off debt yes, to make monthly payments no.

Where do you get help for financial institutions to understand what determines a credit score?

How your FICO score is determined is a will kept secret- but the main factors are how long you have had credit, the % of each credit line you have used, and late payments

Where can one find a credit calculator?

One may find a credit card calculator at the site "Credit Canada". The program is available for and allows people to calculate their credit card payments, interest and help reduce debt.

Is someone cosigns for you does it help your credit or theirs if payments are made on time?

It will be reported to the credit bureaus under both names, but will have a greater effect on the primary borrower's report. If payments are made on time, it will never indicate which party actually made the payment.

Can you get credit after bankruptcy?

Yes. It is more difficult, but it is also ESSENTIAL to recovering from bankruptcy. You must take out credit and have precise, on time payments in order to help rebuild your damaged credit score post bankruptcy.

Where can I go for debt consolidation and help with payments on my credit cards?

I would recommend first checking with my bank to see what offers they have.

How does Quickbooks help with credit card payment processing?

The computer software program QuickBooks helps with businesses with credit cards processing by allowing the business to receive credit card payments from customers through Intuit Merchant Services, which will then be recorded in the business's QuickBooks program as the payments having been made.

What advice can I give to help people improve their credit score?

Loan companies normally don't give advice on how to improve your credit score. But one this that you can say to them is to make sure that you are not late on payments and also try to pay some payments up on your credit. It will look good that way, will show you are trying.

Does having a cosigner help your credit?

Yes, having a cosigner on a loan or line of credit/ credit card can help your credit. It can help because, assuming they have good credit, you are more likely to get approved, which gives you a chance to build your credit. The danger is if the cosigner where to default on payments or abuse the account (such as using a credit card you both are signers on to rack up a lot of debt). So if you pick your cosigner carefully it can help you- but remember what you do on the account effects their credit, so make sure you are also responsible with the account.

How will a deferred student loan affect your credit?

They do not help you establish credit. You have borrowed, but don't owe, so there's no information about the way you'll handle payments over time.

How would a collection of 230 affect a person with 50000 in available credit and 730 score?

Your credit score can be decreased by having collection accounts listed, a judgment, late payments or if you have too much available credit. If you have that much credit, you would want to contact the credit issuer to lower your credit limit. Your debt should never be more than 35% of the available credit. Timely, consistent payments to your creditors and low credit limits will help increase your credit score.

What happens if you only pay partial payments on your credit card payments?

You MUST make the minimum payments or the company will come after you. If you just make the minimum payments you will eventually clear the debt but the rate of interest on credit cards is very high. If you are having trouble financially the first thing to do is to stop using a credit card (cut it up) then if you can not afford the minimum payments go and seek help from a third party (in the UK a free advice centre) - they will help you with your debt problems and will be able to get the interest on your card debt stopped - (you will still have to make small payments to pay off the debt but if you meet these the debt will no longer grow). Also some debts are more 'important' than others - your taxes, mortgage, rent etc. A credit card is an unsecured debt and you will not be sent to prison for it or thrown out of your home. Get Help!!

What are the benefits of a credit repair course?

Lexington Law is leading credit repair law firm. Lexington Law offers helps you take action and repair your credit. Lexington Law has helped clients remove millions of collections, late payments, cahrge offs, liens, bankruptcies & more from their reports cutt.ly/RjWjHQi

Will it help your credit to close a credit card that shows late payments from four years ago even if you are in good standing now?

Closing an account may help your overall FICO score, but only because your available debt would decrease. The late payments stay on your record regardless if the account is open or closed.

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