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I'm assuming your using Windows. You can see the drives by double clicking "My Computer" on your desktop. From there you can double click on the drives to see the contents. If you can't see the other drive, make sure its installed properly.

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Q: If you have two hard drives how do you access the second drive?
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What are some similarities between flash drive and hard drives?

both of them are random access memories

How does a second hard drive in a computer work?

Overall, a secondary hard drive works the same as a primary hard drive. In the case of PATA drives, the secondary hard drive operates as a "slave" drive. It disables its controller and lets the primary hard drive control it. This is determined by jumper settings on both drives and/or the cable position.While SATA drives are modeled after PATA drives, SATA drives operate on independent channels, and thus every SATA drive is a "master" drive. Their order or addressing are all dependent upon which socket they are plugged into.

What is hard drive access time measured in?

Hard drive access time is usually measure in milliseconds or thousandths of a second. A typical hard drive is rated between 4 and 8 Ms.

Will my computer's speed increase with a new hard drive?

Hard drives can make a big difference in computer performance. Consider a solid-state drive if you need quick drive access.

How many hard drives can a laptop have?

Most laptops support only one internal hard drive. Some support a second hard drive in a removable bay.

Types of hard drives?

There are typically two types of hard drives. The first is the internal hard drive which runs the computer or other technological devices. The second is an external model that does the same thing.

For today's hard drives the hard drive controller is on a circuit board on or inside the drive housing?

For today's hard drives, the hard drive controller is firmware on a circuit board on or inside the drive housing.

How many logical drives are on a hard drive?

When you partition a hard drive into two or more partitions (storage areas) those extra drives are called logical drives. So you can have 2 or 3 or more logical drives on one physical hard drive. It varies.

Are hard drives serial access?


What is the local C drive on a computer?

MSDOS and Microsoft Windows identifies drives by single letters (many other operating system allow drives to be named with words or phrases):drive A the first internal floppy diskette drive (usually not used anymore)drive B the second internal floppy diskette drive (usually not used anymore)drive C the first internal hard disk drivedrives D through Z additional drives, may be internal or external, hard disk drives or optical drives, etc.

What is the Default drive letter for a hard drive?

Default drive letter for a hard drive is C On my computer there were two hard drives installed, and the second was D CD drive is E USB ports are F, G, H, I, J, and K on mine

How many hard disk drives are listed and which drive letter are assigned to them?

You have no hard drives listed. You have the ability to assign any drive letter (except the Main 'C' ) to your hard drives using "Computer Management"

WHAT drives are a great method of keeping backups of data stored on your hard drive?

external hard drives

Which RAID level mirrors one hard drive with a second drive so that the same data is written to both drives?

RAID 1 hi

Does a hard drive have a slower access time than a floppy drive?

no a hard drive has a much faster access time...

What is the difference between Drive and Directory?

drive is the partition on your hard disk - c:, d: etc are examples. softwares & files are stored in directories which are stored inside the drives of a hard disk. the hard disk is physical, partitions / drives as they are commonly called are virtual bifurcations on your physical drive, where softwares of files are stored in directories for ease of access to particular information.

How can you transfer the hard drive from your external hard drive to your computer?

Hard drives in external disk drives are simply standard drives so it is possible to unscew them and put them in a pc. However it would be easier to buy a standard internal drive and copy the data across

What are the hard drives.?

a hard drive is what stores all the files on your pc.

Which hard drives does HP make?

Hewlett-Packard Development Company or HP makes several models of hard drives. The type of hard drive depends on the usage. HP makes SAS Hard Drives which is a middle of the road drive. HP also produces the SATA Hard Drive which is an entry level drive and the HP Solid State Drive which is meant for unrestricted workload applications.

What are other drives are there besides floppydisk?

Computer drives can include:An internal hard driveSometimes, a "slave" drive which is a second internal drive or a partition on the primary hard driveExternal Drives consist of:floppy disk driveCD driveDVD drive (the CD/DVD are usually one drive)External Desk Drive - a unit that connects by USB Cable to the computer and acts as a secondary drive; often used for storage.A "thumb" or stick drive - inserts into a USB port and used for storage.

How is a SCSI hard drive similar to an EIDE hard drive?

The purpose of SCSI hard drives are to exchange information between separate computers. Whereas, EIDE hard drives addresses a computers interface between its individual hard drive and its storage disks.

What are the tree drives on a computer?

Hard drive, Disk drive and FLoppy disk drive

Advantage of internal drive?

If you mean Internal Hard Driver VS. External Hard Drive, it's speed. Internal Hard Drives are faster. External Hard Drives are only as fast as the USB connection is.

Is an external hard drive a good investment?

External Hard drives Can be a good investment. There are site you can save you re data to on-line ad for free. But when it comes to having a way to transport and having a physical back up of the files and programs on the computer, it is worth while to purchase an external hard drive. This also allows on certain hard drives to be able to access the hard drive at remote computers and using you're own information by booting the computer on you're hard drive.

What is hard drive composed of?

Many memory drives.