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I would. But if you are not for sure, then call a vet and see what they say.


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Yes, you should keep all male guinea pigs separate. They are very territorial and they will always fight. It will not stress them if they can hear or see each other through the cages.

It could be trying to sleep or it might be tired. Don't forget something for it to hide in. :) It is not serious!

The cell wall or membrane keeps it separate from the environment.

Yes, you can walk a Guinea pig. You can buy a harness for it at a pet store. However, you should know that wearing a harness and "being walked" is highly unnatural for a guinea pig. In captivity, guinea gigs should be kept with plenty of space. Rocks and rocky ground are good for climbing (which keeps them fit) and for maintaining their claws (wear-out on rocks keeps the claws short and healthy). A balanced diet and appropriate living conditions should be all the guinea pig needs. If it needs walking, something is wrong with its keeper.

No, this is not odd. Male guinea pigs love to breed. They will try with any in their cage. Male pigs should be housed alone because of this.

If you bought the game from steam, no. and if your trying to put a game on your computer and it keeps adding to steam, than un-install steam while your trying to install the game.

No, this is normal. The males may end up fighting. You should keep males separate from other males to prevent any fights or injuries.

It is helpful because it keeps you company

The HVAC is trying to draw more current than what the nameplate says it should.

Yes guinea pigs have to eat hay it is 90% of there diet.

Your female guinea pig may be pregnant, or the male thinks she is pregnant. This is often i sign of cleansing.

I suppose there is no limit, provided the guinea pig is showered and dried in a manner that keeps it from catching a cold. However, guinea pigs do not normally shower. This is unnatural to them, and an unnecessary source of stress. While it might be possible to shower a guinea pig many times a year, you probable should never do so.

When your guinea pig tilts its head to one side it might have a eye or ear infection.

You should know he wants you if he keeps trying to make you feel better...and follows you everyweres....or makesyou laugh they usually do!!!

it may be half asleep and not bothered to move but if it keeps happening and they are not eating you should get them checked out.

easy accept him then block him yoo got him he got yoo but he cant speak to you if you block him ok

Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

guinea pigs fur keeps them warm. however, a "skinny pig" needs a temperature of over 22 degrees celcious

When you handle your guinea you should fiddle with her feet so she gets used to you touching her feet. After a few times you can cut her nails instead of fiddling.

Because Eggman keeps trying to take over Mobius, but Sonic keeps stopping him!

No! Anything that hamsters use guinea pigs can't use. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs do not have flexible spines. There spines can brake. And they are wayyy to big for a wheel. Pls do not give anything to your guinea pig that may harm them. Hope this helped! For exercise, guinea pigs should be given plenty of space and rocks to climb on. This keeps them fit, encourages their natural curiosity, and helps keeping their toe nails in check.

No one keeps statistics on something like that so is unanswerable.

There could be several causes including illness, mites, fighting with other animals. Best way to get an accurate diagnosis is to see your Vet.

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