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it is possiable but you really need to see your doctor about it or wait until your period is due than if you don't have your cycle then do a test good luck.

normally the white bumps indicate the begining of producing colostrum-milk. I had this on my first pregnancy. i went for a monthly check up and the gyn asked me if i was/were pregnant and told me that's what the white bumps meant. I would go to the doctor and/or take a preggo test

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Q: If you have white bumps on your nipples could you be pregnant?
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Do my nipples get white if im pregnant?

maybe it might be a symbol that you have milk in your nipples but sometimes you have white you might not have some white on your nipples but some people don't it could be possible to have white if your pregnant

Why do dogs nipples leak?

It could be it clear or white?

If you have white spots around your nipples and the hole in your nipples has gone bigger with white around the outside could you be pregnant?

i don't think these are pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you should talk with your doctor

When cats nipples get WHITE does it mean that its pregnant?

no. cats nipples are normally white. If she is pregnant you Will notice a change in the nipples from white to Rosy pink color in 2 to weeks gestation. Though not all cats nipples change it its their first litter. She will crave more of you attention aswell. hope this helped

If you have white buds around your nipples does that mean that you are pregnant?

no but if you squeeze them white stuff will come out. dont do tht cause tht could lead to an infection

Are you pregnant if a white discharge comes out of your nipples?

No, ask your doctor about it. But still, check if you are pregnant.

Having no appetite on depo and white liquid comes out of nipples?

uuuummm...yeah the only reason i know of of why your nipples would be discharging white liquid is the you would be pregnant but I could be wrong. You should probly check with your doctor.

Are painful breasts with white bumps on the nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it can be, but you can also get these sypmtoms when your period is due or you ovulate!

White bumps on nipples?

mm i dont think so probably tho unless ur breast are swollen .

Does white and thick CM appear in the first weeks of pregnancy?

I've been pregnant twice, and 5 months now, I say it is a good sign that you could be. Check to see if you nipples are tender and little sweat bumps are beginning to form around the nipple. the also begin to brown.

Cluster of white bumps on eyelid what is it?

A cluster of white bumps on the eyelid could be warts. This may be related to HPV or another virus.

My cats belly is hard and her nipples keep going pinkish then white is she pregnant?


Circle of white bumps on your leg?

If you notice that you have a circle of white bumps on your leg then it could be indicative of a medical problem. You should consult a doctor.

Why do you get white discharge from your nipples when you press them it is normal or it is bad?

It is not bad it is called lactating. It is normal if you are pregnant.

Do little red bumps on the back of your throat mean you have strep?

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

What can cause white bumps on the inside of lip?

It could be oral herpes.

Do albinos have white nipples?

Albinos do have white nipples. I'm sitting across from one right now and his nipples are indeed white

What are the white bumps in the back of your throat?

There are various conditions that could cause white bumps to form at the back of the throat. Oral thrush and tonsillitis are some causes of this symptom.

You throw up after eating have sore nipples and white bumps on them and am leaking a milky looking substance are you pregnant?

If you are continually throwing up, you should check in with your doctor. Not sure any of this sounds like pregnancy symptoms, but in any case, throwing up needs to be looked into.

Why do dogs nipple leak white fluid?

It might mean your doggy is pregnant, if her nipples are swollen, having behaivoral issues, lost of appetitte in the morning or eating more it could be she's pregnant. But if most of the things I just named don't happen it could be a false pregnancy.

What could white bumps on big toe be?

they could be planter's warts. ewwww. they could be planter's warts. ewwww.

How do your nipples look when you're pregnant?

they look bigger and the color is darker and theirs this white spotting dots aroud it

What could be clusters of little white bumps on all corners of mouth be?


Why would the tips of your nipples be white?

Have it checked out with your doctor. It could be nothing; it could be cysts; or it could be something as serious as cancer.

What are the white bumps on my neck?

The white bumps on your neck could be many different things. Some of the things possible would be poison ivy, scabies some kind of skin reaction.