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I assume that you do not have the license plate or any information about the car. My only suggestion would be to make an effort at the restaurant. You could leave a notice saying that a car "model/color" was hit approximately 6 months ago and the person responsible would like to assume responsbility, and leave a number that you are comfortable with leaving. This will probably not work if the owner of the car does not frequent the restaurant. You could inquire with the owner of the restaurant if there had been any inquiries or reports filed, and follow up on them. You could even put an ad in the personal section of the paper and cross your fingers that the owner of the car or a friend or family member of this person will see it. YOu could inquire with the police. If, after all of this, you cannot find the car then let it roll off your back. You did somethign wrong, and the important thing is that you recognized this and were willing to make amends. If it is meant to be, then it will all work out.

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Q: If you hit a parked car 6 months ago at a restaurant and you desperately regret not leaving your information what can you do to contact the person?
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