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Q: If you hold down the alt button on the keyboard then you press hold down the U button then press E will it form a umlaut above the e?
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No at button on keyboard?

Hold Shift and press the 2 button on the set of numbers above the letters.

How do you turn on a laptop?

On the laptop above the keyboard, there is a fairly big round button. You press the button and there you go!

Your keyboard write number you can not write letters?

on your keyboard there is a button above the addition and equals sign that says num lk. Press that button and you can type again with letters.

How do you stop the space bar from deleting text?

Press the insert button located above the backspace on your keyboard.

How do you get the keyboard to turn on in rock band 3?

Simple. Connect the USB Dongle to the Wii and press the little button. Then, press the switch on the back to ON on the keyboard and press the keyboard button.

How do you make the trade mark symbol?

hold down the ALT button on your keyboard and press 0153 on the number pad on the keyboard NOT the numbers above your letters on your keyboard AG

What button do you press on a keyboard to zoom out?

"CTRL" And "-"

What button do we press to open our inventory in minecraft?

By default you press [E] on your keyboard.

How do you type an a with an umlaut?

For a lowercase 'a' with an umlaut, hold down the alt key and press 0282 For an uppercase 'a' with an umlaut, hold down the alt key and press 0196

Where is the On Key on an iPad Keyboard?

The iPad Keyboard does not have an On Button. You need to manually press and hold the Power Button the top of the iPad to turn it on!

How do you get to your options in roblox?

Do you mean Menu Press the Menu Button of press Esc on your keyboard

How can you dance as a Clubpenguin?

All you do is press the D button on your keyboard.