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Well, if the title lists no lienholders, it cannot be repossessed. If it lists one, it would be best to surrender it or don't keep anything in it of value. Yes. Even if the lien is not recorded on the title, it hass probably still been filed with the state.

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Q: If you hold the title and its in your name can your vehicle still be repossessed?
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Can a title company put a lien on your vehicle if YOU still hold the title?

as long as you physically have the title in your possession and its in your name and they haven't signed the back, you are still the legal owner. A title company would have to give proof of your financial obligation to them

How do you file for a lost vehicle title in Arkansas?

Get a hold of the motor vehicle department in your state and explain the problem, they will get you a new title.

If you have never had a license can you still have a title to a car in your name in Ohio?

Don't worry. You don't need to have a driver's license to hold a vehicle title in Ohio. DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV

How old can you be to hold a motor vehicle title in South Carolina?

Old as the hills!

Can a wife sell her husbands vehicle?

You may only sell property to which you hold title.

How can you hold the title on a vehicle loan to a friend and not be liable for any accidents that he may get into?

If your name is on the title you will be responsible for all debts and damages.

Is it legal for a bank to hold a title to a vehicle that is paid for?

It is illegal for a bank to hold onto a title for a vehicle once a typical deadline for funds to clear for payment of said title has cleared. Contact your local attorney general and state government banking institution that governs bank licensing and file a complaint. They should notify you in writing as to why you have yet to receive your title.

Can your car be repossessed if you hold the title?

Yes, if you took a loan out and used your car as collaterol, then it can be taken away. If you own the title free and clear, then it cannot be taken from you. Only if you owe money on it or the previous owner owes money on it. If the previous owner has an outstanding debt on the car and sells it to you without you knowing about the debt then the car can still be repo'd.

Should you keep title on car if someone is making payments on it to you?

YES! Do not release the title of the vehicle until it is COMPLETELY paid off. Once they hold the title, they can stop paying and there is nothing you can do... legally.

Can they repossess your car with out a court order in the state of Vermont?

They don't require a court order to repossess a vehicle... the only way a court order would be required is if the court had ordered you to give up your vehicle as collateral if you found yourself on the losing end of a lawsuit or something to that effect. A vehicle which is paid off cannot be repossessed, because the lienholder - who is the lawful owner of that vehicle while they hold the title - is reclaiming their own property after a lessee fails to meet the conditions of their contract.

What will be the title now of former pope?

He will hold the title of Pope Emeritus - Retired Pope. He will still be addressed as the Holy Father.

Can your leased car be repossessed because of no insurance even if you are up to date with your payments?

If the terms of the lease include the requirement that you must provide insurance on the vehicle, and I've never seen a lease agreement that doesn't, yes, they can hold you in violation of the lease and repossess the vehicle.

If you are going through a divorce and still owe on a financed vehicle will the lender still hold your ex equally responsible even if the court gives you the car?

If the ex's name is on the loan, then yes, the lender can, and in all likelihood will, still hold the ex responsible. You'd need to refinance the vehicle in your name alone.

What if your father died you now have his car without a pinkslip what do you do?

Get a hold of the motor vehicle department in your state and explain the problem, they will get you a new title.

Can a car be repossessed from repair shop?

not sure which Hill & Associates you mean. Can a car be repossessed from repair shop?": YES Hold that thought because here in Ohio if a car is up for repossesion and it is sitting at a repair facility and a bill is owed on the car for repairs it cannot be repossesed unless the repair bills are paid to the shop. the shop owner has the right to hold the car and notify the bank or finance company. they will either pay the bill to the shop and retrieve it or write it off. At that point if the shop owner cannot get the person to pick up the car they can file for a title for the vehicle.

Is it illegal for a finance company to use a financed vechicle as collateral?

you cannot use it as collateral because you need to hold title of the vehicle however in this case the finance company has the ownership of the vehicle not you.............

Can a 14 year old hold his own car title?

no, to hold a title you have to have a licence

Does a car dealership have legal right to hold your title once you have completely paid that specific car off?

Whose NAME is the title in? Yours, or the dealership's? When you bought the vehicle, the auto dealership would supposedly transfer the title to you, but would also place a "lien" on the vehicle. IF THE TITLE IS IN YOUR NAME, simply tell the dealership to hand it over, and call the authorities if they refuse. IF THE TITLE IS NOT IN YOUR NAME, then you just may have a problem requiring the services of an attorney, assuming of course that you have fully paid for the vehicle.

You bought a car that has a leinholder?

Get a hold of the lien holder then get a hold of the owner who has the lien against them. Otherwise you may end up responsible if you desire to keep the vehicle. If everything is valid and the payments are not made the car may be repossessed. Then you will have to take the other person to court. Tedious and not fun.

How much would it hurt your credit if the car you co-signed for gets repossessed?

Just the same as if it was your car repossessed. Legally, you hold the same liability as the primary buyer.

Can a repair shop place a lien on a vehicle they do not hold in their possession?

Yes, The vehicle will then be encumbered by the lien and cannot be sold, traded or the title transferred. Once the lien/debt is paid the lien is lifted and the owner of the vehicle can obtain a clear title. Action by a garage/repair company is where the term Mechanic's Lien first originated.

Can a comapany that repossessed your car hold your prescription from you unless you pay 100 storage fee?


Can a lien be placed on a home own by two people when the other party is not involve in the debt?

It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.

In Texas what rights do you have if you sold a car to a friend who stopped making payments per a signed contract if the title is still in your name?

The title is in your name, so you hold all the rights.

Can a creditor garnish your wages for a vehicle that they have repossessed?

Yes. There's a process they have to follow, which includes getting a court judgment against you. If you don't hold to that judgment (which is usually paying back the money owed), they can ask the court to garnish your wages.

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