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If you are talking about light radiation then the answer is yes. You can see the difference between a 40 watt bulb and a 100 watt bulb just by looking at them.

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No. For two reasons: 1- By amount of radiation, you mean Intensity, which is a variable for number of photons. So you can't increase intensity with just one photon; 2- The energy of a photon only depends on its frequency or wavelength.

High-energy radiation kills cells by damaging their DNA, thus blocking their ability to grow and increase in number

When adding and subtracting a constant amount means that that amount will increase. The amount will increase dew to adding each number.

No, acids decrease the amount of hydroxide ions (OH-) and increase the amount of hydronium ions (H+).

Other things being equal, in a gas, an increase in pressure can be related to:A decrease in volumeAn increase in the amount of gas (the number of moles)An increase in temperature

We can increase the number of turns in the electromagnet.

There are a number of types of radiation that can cause mutation in humans.Gamma radiation is probably the one you were thinking of, but ultraviolet radiation can also cause mutation.Pretty much any kind of radiation that causes mutation will almost always cause cancer, as a result.

The atomic number increases with beta radiation. This is caused by a neutron decaying and turning to a proton and releasing an electron plus an anti-neutrino. The extra proton causes an increase in atomic number.

Any number can be increased by a tiny amount or a large amount, depending on how great a magnitude you wish to increase the number. You could increase 4.5 to 4.6 if you are using tenths, or to 5.0 if you are using halves. There is no 'next' number without knowing the incremental factor you wish to use.

percent increase and decrease is how much percent it had increased from a certain amount of number, like discounts and markups

It is a percentage change - unless the increase changes a negative number to a positive number or a decrease does the opposite.

tha number of slaves rose to an outstanding amount

Yes, but there are a number of radiation besides ionizing radiation.

Adding and subtracting is what increases the amount when adding each number. This is taught in high school math.

With an increasing number of allowances, the taxes withheld each paycheck will be reduced, which will reduce any tax refund and/or increase the amount owed to the IRS. Conversely, decreasing the number of allowances will increase any tax refund or reduce the amount owed at the end of the tax year.

There will be more population of owls and the grass level will decrease.

Ram : The amount of increase is the new value after growth less the original amount before the growth. The percent growth is the amount of increase times 100% divided by the original amount. As an example, let's say the number of employee in a company grows from 800 one year to 896 the next. First, subtract: 896 - 800 = 96. This is the increase. Next, divide by the original amount: 96(100%) / 800 = 12%. This is the percent increase.

so your goal is to get rid of the exponent, so you need to either increase the amount of the number that you are multipling or decrease it depending on the number

How much oxygen a plant produces will depend on the size of the plant, and the number of leaves on the plant. Each leaf on a plant produces a certain amount of oxygen.

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