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Sounds like your employer is in BIG trouble. You are still entitled to worker's compensation benefits whether or not your employer had the coverage. For more info -

Sounds like you need an attorney - attorney referal

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Q: If you injure your hand on the job and the company you work for does not have workmans comp insurance will you still get paid for lost wages and if you do not regain full use of your hand what action can be taken?
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I was injure on the job, and have had back pain every since. I would like to move home, to get family help. Would i be deny workmans comp, If i relocate to Califorina.?

In short, no. If you were going to get workmans comp before, you should still get it. That said, this may be different on a state to state basis or even a case by case basis. i would advise calling a lawyer for legal advice at this point.

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