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If you just received a suspended sentence for theft and are on probation what do you do when new charges are filed?

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Obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. If you cannot afford private counsel request the court to appoint you a public defender at the arraignment. In such a case it is not advisable to use self-representation without being fully informed of your legal rights and the consequences to entering into an agreement with the state or entering a plea to the court.

Note to this: when approached by officer(s) say "I'm more than willing to co-operate but I feel more comfortable with it being arranged through my attorney" Say nothing else until explained to an attorney and let he/she speak on your behalf

violations depend on charges filed

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If you have 10 years suspended sentence and you violate probation with a domestic violence do you serve the whole 10 years?

If the complaintant wishes to press charges than yes.

My 16 year old son is charged with grand larceny this is his first offense what is going to happen to him?

He will have a set period of probation which is called a suspended sentence. If he completes his probation without getting in more trouble or getting a violation of probation then the charges will be dropped at the end of the probation period.

If you violated probation when you were 17 at what point will you be clear of the violation charges?

When your probation sentence ends.

What if probation is broken when it was for a burglary charge?

I have committed a burglary on probation and got revoked and payed with my original sentence and the new sentence charges.

In FL can violation of probation charges be brought after probation period expires if the terms of probation aren't completed?

Yes, of course. If you never completed the terms of your probation, then it hasn't 'ended.' You must fulfill ALL the terms of your probation to the satisfaction of the court before you are released from your sentence.

You received a felony on your record and it was suspended and you have three years probation How long will this be on your record?

Unless the offense was committed prior to your 18th birthday your adult record will always reflect your felony charge. Even though you might not have actually served jail time, probation IS a sentence after being found guilty. If you had been found not guilty or the charges were dismissed you would not have had to serve 3 years. Probation is not a "get out of jail free" card. I know that pretty hard core but some how you can. ADDED: See discussion page:

What will happen if you are on probation with 2 other charges and get charged with possession with heroin?

I'd say that it is HIGHLY likely that you'll have your probation revoked and remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence.

What are the consequences of a probation violation resulting from the probationer being charged with committing numerous criminal offenses?

The specific results of the new charges cannot be assessed or even speculated upon, that will be determined by the outcome of the trial and if the person is convicted by the sentencing guidelines relating to the criminal acts. The probationer will, however, serve the entire sentence that was imposed and suspended in lieu of she or he being placed on probation. It would be a safe bet to say that said person will be given a lengthy prison sentence if convicted on all charges.

How long can they keep you in detention centers if you have no charges and you only had a probation violation?

Probation is a sentence for being found guilty of a crime. So - therefore - you WERE found guilty of something. You are being held because you violated your sentence of probation which caused it to be revoked and converted to a jail term. You can remain in detention until the term of your sentence is completed.

What happens if you are on probation and you get charged with 2nd degree burglary?

Then you're in violation of your probation. If you'd been released before you sentence was complete, you'll be required to serve out the remainder of your sentence, on top of whatever time you're sentenced on the burglary charges.

Do you have to be found guilty of new charges before your probation is revoked?

No, your probation is for a past offense and can be revoked at any point by your probation officer. ANSWER No you do not need to be found guilty of new charges. Any violation of the conditions of probation can result in revocation. Probation officers do not revoke probation only a judge can order probation revoked.

What happens if you gave one dirty urine test on supervised probation?

Your probation can be revoked and you could be required to serve the remainder of your sentence. Depending on the substance detected, you could face further charges.

What if you are arrested on other charges while serving a suspended imposition of sentence?

The other sentence is likely to be invoked, and you may be charged as an habitual offender on the second charge.

Husband on probation and got arrested for possession of paraphernalia in Nevada What is the consequences?

In addition to facing the new paraphernalia charges, he could very likely have his probation revoked and be sent to jail to serve the remainder of the original sentence.

If you are going to be charged with a felony and on probation what are the causes?

the causes are these stages first it isChargesRemandRemanded in custodyRemanded on bailGet ready for courtThe Magistrates' CourtThe Crown CourtThe SentenceAnother View: Probably because you committed another crime while you were serving your sentence of probation.

What charges could a person on probation face if they leave their hometown without permission and travel to a different state?

Their probation status will be revoked, a warrant will be issued for their arrest and when taken in to custody it is likely the individual will be required to serve the entire amount of the original imposed sentence as well as additional fugitive and contempt charges.

Can a convicted felon on probation for a felony vote in Illinois?

Not while on probation but maybe after depending on the charges and things

Is there a statute of limitations for violation of probation in Colorado?

is there a statute of limitation s for probation violation charges in Colorado

What happens when you get caught with a gun and you are on probation?

Your probation will be revoked, you'll be arrested, and you'll face additional charges.

What happens when you are violated while on probation but what you were arrested for is dismissed?

What the judge did was give you a suspended sentence and probation for a certain amount of time, and if you completed your probation without incident the charges would be dropped possibly taken off your record. You failed to live up to your share of the bargain thus violated your promise. Now it depends what your lawyer does determines what you get in prison. Take it from me I went through this in 2006. by violating your probation you commited a felony a felony is punishable by either your whole probation must be served or the remaining time of your probation will be served At any rate you are going to prison not jail because you are a convicted felon thus not eligible for jail which is for people waiting to be convicted or got jail time for a misdemeanor. You might be offered half you r probation sentence in prison and an additional probation period. Ichose to do my whole bid even though it meant an extra 6 months in prison against another years probation. because I showed I couldn't do probation. Doing your whole bid means that your eos date(end of sentence) you walk out owing nobody nothing

If you are on probation can you apply to become a police officer?

You can apply if you wish. But "probation" means that you are still serving a sentence from whatever offense you committed and it is doubtful that any agency would hire you until after your probabation period/sentence was successfully completed. Even after you successfully complete probation SOME agencies will overlook VERY MINOR misdemeanor or traffic offense charges but by no means is that a general rule.

Are your charges still considered pending while you are on unsupervised probation?

No, but if the unsupervised probation is violated for a new charge then it can be revoked.

Magnanimity in a sentence?

The magnanimity of the store owner was great; he did not press charges on the robber once he received an apology.

Can a probation officer lift a hold on you if you are in jail with new charges but not yet convicted?

If it is the probation officer's warrant then yes, but they probably will not. If it is the judge's warrant the probation officer cannot.

If you were court ordered to enter drug diversion instead of jail time does that mean that you have been convicted of those charges?

Unless you have received an 'Adjudication Withheld' sentence - or "probation before judgement" - it DOES usually mean that you have been convicted. If you weren't the court would not have the authority to order you into treatment and rehab.