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His girlfriend will find out some way or another that her boyfriend was cheating on her...and then nothing good at all will happen. Definitley NOT a good idea.

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What can you kiss if you don't have a girl friend?

You can kiss anybody else you like, or your mom.

How do i get the boy i like to kiss me if he has a girl friend?


How do guys show they like girl more then friend?

They will kiss her

Can a girl have a kiss with friend whose is suppose not a boyfriend just he is good friend of her?

Kiss who you like it's a free world.

How would a tomboy kiss a girl?

My experience is a best friend tomboy kiss me but that is because we are friends. If you are saying the french kiss-like kiss then my answer would be : they would kiss you just like a boy kisses a girl.

Can a girl kiss her best sexual friend who is like her sister on the lip?

Best sexual friend? Um, and no.

You like a girl but you dont know if she likes you back or if im just her friend what should you do?

Kiss her. ________________ Keep on being her friend. Friends are precious. If more is meant to happen, it will; be patient and enjoy what you have in the meantime. ________________

Has Miley Cyrus kissed a girl before?

She does kiss girls but mostly her fam..but when it is not fam it is a friend kiss on the cheek like what you do w/ your friends. She does kiss girls but mostly her fam..but when it is not fam it is a friend kiss on the cheek like what you do w/ your friends.

Why do boys kiss?

boys thinks its cool to kiss girl so they can go back and tell there friend about what hey do and that's why they like to kiss

How do you know if your girl friend wants a kiss?

if she is looking at you allot and you feel like she wants a kiss and it looks like the right moment then tell here that a beautiful girl like you dissevers a big kiss and she just might go with it

How do you get your friend to kiss you she has been on and off with another guy?

just kiss her and see how she feels about it if you really like her and this is coming from a girl

You are a girl and you want to know what its like to kiss a girl so how do you get your best friend to kiss you without becoming werid and i already understand that it is werid just wondering?

get drunk

What does it feel like when kissing a girl?

Depends on the girl you kiss, if you kiss a girl u like, its better than if u kiss a random girl

What do you do when your friend says to go out with this girl so you can get your first kiss but you don't like the girl?

You tell your friend that he has no right to pass his girl around in that manner. Don't be so impatient to get your first kiss - the best kisses are from people who mean something to each other.

If a girl doesnt like to be kissed what do you do when you kiss her?

If a girl doesn't like to be kissed then you don't kiss her. If she wants to kiss you she will.

How do you hint at a friend that is a girl to kiss you?

Consider that maybe the girl only considers you a friend, and therefore may not want to kiss you. If you feel like your more then friends then the best way to approach a kiss is to find a reason to look into their eyes, lean in and see how they react. If they lean in, to proceed with the kiss, if not abort the kiss and either try again later or give up on that particular girl and move on.

How do Get the courage to kiss a bisexual girl for girls?

be the kissed, not the kisser. Tell her your shy, maybe things will happen like the movies and she'll kiss you. :)

There is a friend that I have known for 4 years now and we both have crushes on each other. How do I get her to kiss me?

Say,"I know you like me. I like you too. Just kiss me girl (or boy),"

have anyone had a kiss I had a Force kiss by my crush friend like I still hate him for doing that?

have anyone??????

What if you kiss your girl best friend and she doiesnt like it or wont kiss you back?

It could mean she's uncomfortable with the situation and/or doesn't want to return your affection.

How do I kiss a girl I really like ive never kissed a girl and she only likes me as a friend?

You don't have to kiss her, just be friends & who knows if you flirt enough, maybe she'll make the 1st move :)

How do you make a shy girl kiss a boy?

first off....if shes shy, she may not want to kiss anybody. but if you want her to kiss her, be a true friend but show some romance. she'll know you like her, and eventually she will like you too.

What if you ask a girl do you like me and she says she does not know?

kiss her and ask again no you dont kiss her she might thinkbadly about you you try to be her friend and talk to her then ask again let her notice you ...

Say you kiss this guy you don't like to make your friend jealous and he asks you to be his girl friend what do you say?

Say yes if their really your best friends then they will understand.

What to do when your like your best friend but he likes your friend instead?

kiss her

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