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If you like your friend and want to go to the movies with her and tell her that you like her there should you tell her its a date or that you're going as friends?


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A DATE OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANSWER: well, i would first tell her how u feel, and see how far it goes. if she likes u back, its a date! but if she still likes u as a friend, u guys r just going as buddies. FROM QUESTIONER: how should i ask her? (what should i say?)

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you should say i am going to play with my friend on the street

assure him that you guys are friends and your going out with his friend and that he'll find someone else

ok, what you can do is say you are going to a friends house or meeting your friend at the movies or at a local place and really meet your boyfriend there.

Both can be correct. A tip I heard is to remove the 'Some friends and' (or a persons name if this is the case) and if you would say I it should be I, if you would say me it should be me. e.g. CORRECT Some friends and I are going to the movies. => I am going to the movies. INCORRECT Do you want to see a film with some friends and I? => Do you want to go and see a film with I? CORRECT Do you want to see a film with some friends and me? => Do you want to go and see a film with me?

Well as you seem to be asking some of your girl friends, tell him you are going to the movies with some friends and would he like to join you all. Who should pay - the total cost should be split equally, as a guy I wonder why guys have to pay for girls. A guy is likely to feel less pressure with a girl that pays her way, and will have a lot of respect for that. Mom, well tell her you are going to the movies with a group of friends, if some of your friends don't have dates, the keep it to a group of friends going to the movies - kind of relaxed and easy going for a first date (For you and him) then when you are getting to know each other better ypou can try a date with just the 2 of you. Good luck !

Well first if she is your friends she should talk to you.Try to get a conversation going.

he is in love with her as a friend there is nothing else going on between them other than acting in the same movies, and being good friends.

"My friend and you are going to the movies tonight." is a proper use of the term. To see if this is correct, just take the 'My friend and' part out of the sentence, and see if it makes sense saying "You are going to the movies tonight.".

Be happy that your friends are happy together, and find someone else for yourself.

Me and some friends were going to the movies

The word 'are' is a verb, the second person singular present, and first, second, third person plural present of the verb to be.Examples:I am his friend.You are his friend.She is his friend.We are his friend.You are all his friends.They are his friend.The verb 'are' also functions as an auxiliary verb.Example: We are going to the movies.

I think that if this person is a true friend your feeling for one another should surpass whatever you are going through.

if it really is your friend you should not feel the need to. thats what friends are for, just chillin and talking whenever you feel like talking.

Anytime! It's not wrong to go out with friends right? Most of the time, girls start going out with their friends at 10 years old, it's normal actually. Unless her friend is a guy..

best friend day is august 15 you should do something cool i am going skating with my 5 friends at the golden s

I think you should have as many friends as you want but I'm going to tell you that a bff is a friend that you will go through thick and thin and a bff is not a friend who you will get in a fight with about stupid things.

The word 'be' is missing ! It should read "she will begoing to the movies tonight"

a friend. u go as friends and come back as more. classic. FROM QUESTIONER: how should i ask her without making it sound like a date?

No, instead of writing am write are.You wrote:Dad and I am going to the movies.You should write:Dad and I are going to the movies.You should also think about what sort of tense you are writing in.

If you knew beforehand and agreed that he could go to the movies and out for dinner with his female friend then there is nothing wrong if he went to the movies alone as she may have had to work late and couldn't go to the movies with him so meeting him for dinner would be acceptable. If you did not know your boyfriend was meeting his female friend to go to the movies and out for dinner then he is lying to you. If he wasn't hiding anything he could have asked you to join them for the movie and dinner. Let him know you do not share your boyfriends with other women. Probably his first remark will be that they are just friends, but do not buy that excuse because he should be taking you out to the movies and dinner.

you should talk to him about your friends feelings and maybe see who he to your friend and both tell each other how yuou feel and maybe come to som agreemen t !!!! x

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