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You have to let her decide whom she wants to be with, you can't make her change her mind. Ask her what she wants, tell her you love her, but you need to know who she wants to be with whole heartedly, and then maybe give her some time. All you can do is ask yourself whether you really want to be in a relationship with someone who loves someone else?

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Q: If you live far from your girlfriend and you love her but she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend how can you win her?
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What would you do if your girlfriend told you she loves you but still has feelings for another guy?

The only thing I can do under stand and move on but, if you're in that situation I can't say, because what ever decision you make you have to live with it.

Is it normal for a guy to have a lot of friends that are women Even if he has a live in girlfriend?

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Your girlfriend has feelings for someone. That person that she has feeling for has grown a friendship with you. She also has feelings for my girlfriend. how can i be friends with her knowing that?

The Only thing that seems to be standing in the way of your friendship is the expectations that your cultural background have put in your head. The fact that some one has feelings for some one that you have feelings for only means that you agree with each other. Learn to live with it.

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