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You pay Ohio sales tax if you purchased it in Ohio.

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Q: If you live in KY and purchase and item from OH do you pay OH or KY sales tax?
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Where do you pay sales tax on a vehicle purchase - based on the city you live in or based on the city in which the dealership is located?

When purchasing a vehicle, you pay sales tax based on the city or county that you live in.

Does the owner or employees of a retail business have to pay sales tax if they purchase goods from the vendor for themselves?

A purchase is exempt (excused) from sales tax if the item/s will be re-sold. If a purchase is made for consumption (for personal use) sales tax needs to be paid.

Do you pay nys sales tax on goods shipped to South America?

If the items were purchased in NYS then yes you will have to pay sales tax on them when you purchase them. If you are a business who sells item purchased wholesale in NYS then you can apply for an get a Sales Tax Certificate. This means that you will not pay sales tax when you buy items wholesale but then you will have to pay sales tax on the items when you sell them at a higher price. This will also require you to file monthly reports to the Sales Tax Division and account for each item purchased for resale.

What state is paid the sales tax for a car purchaser living in Georgia but purchased over the internet from a car dealer from California?

You pay sales tax in the county in which you live. For example, if you live in Cobb County, GA you will pay 6% sales tax on the purchase price.

How much time do you have before paying pa sales tax on used car purchase?

You pay the sales tax when you register the vehicle with the county or parrish you live in.

Do you pay sales tax if you're purchasing an out of state item?

It depends upon if the state where the item is being purchased requires the item to be taxed. Some do, and some don't. pa contractor wants to purchase goods in MD for resale in pa - am i exempt from paying MD sales tax on goods

What sales tax do you pay for discounted items?

You pay sales tax on the actual amount you pay for the item, not some infalted price the store says they are discounting from.

Do I pay sales tax on a home purchase?

There is no sales tax on real estate purchases.

When you purchase an item from a retail store the tax you pay to the retailer on the item you purchase is an example of which type of tax?

indirect tax A+

What is difference between sales book and purchase book?

A sales book is for recording sales (money you receive) a purchase book is for recording your purchases (money you pay).

Do you have to pay a sales tax on charges for the delivery of auto parts?

Yes, in many states, such as Minnesota, you have to pay sales tax on the delivery if you're paying sales tax on the item.

What sales tax rate do you use if you buy a car in Illinois and live in Ohio?

Illinois. You pay the sales tax levied by the jurisdiction you purchase the vehicle in. As an example, if you buy a loaf of bread in Illinois, then eat it in Ohio, you still pay the Illinois sales tax.

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