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That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifically say that you are not eligible if you have other employer sponsored group coverage with one exception. That is if the other coverage includes any pre-exisitng conditions clause that would deny you coverage for that illness/injury. If you have no pre-existing conditions or the pre-ex caluse does not relate to you (ie. pregnancy is a pre-ex but you are not pregnant) then you are not eligible.

If the spouse's coverage is individual coverage and not group you are still eligible for Cobra.

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Q: If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?
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Why does the US Military not give health insurance to same-sex spouses of servicemembers?

It does. Beginning June 26, 2013, same-sex spouses of active service members are eligible for health insurance.

If you have insurance with your employer and your spouse has insurance on you also which insurance is the primary?

If both you and your spouse have full medical coverage then the insurance compnay will revert back to your and your spouse's date of birth. Whoever's birthdate is first in a calendar year, then that is the primary insurance. For example, if your birthday is November 1, but your spouse's birthday is February 12, then your spouses insurance is primary for both of you.

You have medicare insurance and your spouse has medical insurance provider which includes you which medical insurance is primary nfor you?

If you have medicare and you are a dependent on your spouses medical insurance policy then you would be primary under your spouse and Medicare would be secondary payor. There are a few circumstances where Medicare would be primary but very few (your spouse is covered under COBRA, the group is less than 20 members, or you have end stage renal disease.) Medicare is 99.99 % always secondary because it is a government program (much like Medicaid.) I hope this helps:) Evan

Are you responsible for your living spouses medical bills in Virginia?

It is normal to have responsibility for it. The insurance often also required the spouse to accept responsibility and the primary insurance holder is always required to do so.

Are spouses eligible for compensation of agent orange vets?

yes ! if not they should be

What happens when you get a divorce from spose with health insurance can you remain on spose's policy?

Generally no. Depedents have a specific definition of who can be covered. Ex spouses are not normally included.

If you and a spouse have different health insurance but have never designated one as primary or secondary could this cause problems when you do designate primary or secondary?

If you have insurance through your employer, and you are the policy holder,(the insurance is in your name) this insurance will be primary for you, and your spouses insurance policy will be secondary. The insurance policy thru your spouse's employer, (your spouse is the policy holder, or the insurance is in their name), this would be primary for your spouse, and your policy would be their secondary. Here's the phamplet from Medicare

What insurance pays off a house in case of a spouses death?

Credit Life Insurance.

Eligibility for social security?

At least age 62, or "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by Social Security regulations; and, have 40 credits of "covered employment" (i.e., calendar quarters during which they paid FICA). Spouses/minor children of eligible beneficiaries may also be eligible.

Does Virginia Law allow spouses to have separate Insurance policies?

Spouses are allowed to carry separate insurance policies, as there are no laws stating otherwise. However, it is generally more cost effective for spouses to carry one together.

Is the surving spouse liable for spouses medical bills in NJ?

Not individually, but the deceased's estate may well be subject to being charged for the expenses not covered by any existing insurance.

Does the birthday rule apply for spouses with the same insurance?


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