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If you buy a DVD, copy it, and then sell it, the DVD is now called a pirated DVD. This is illegal!

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Q: If you make a copy of a DVD that you purchased and then sell it is that considered legal?
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When is it legal and illegal to copy cds or dvds?

It is illegal to copy CD's or DVD's when the intended purpose is to manufacture and distribute the material without consent from the owner. It is legal to make a backup copy of a CD or DVD that has been purchased for personal use.

Is it legal to burn a video game?

If you mean like fire burn I don't think it matters if it is yours. But if you mean like copy burn than I think it is illegal. It is legal to make a backup copy of a game you purchased. It is ILLEGAL to make/have a copy of a game that you did not purchase or to pass your backup copy of a game to someone else.

When is it illegal and when is it legal to copy a CD?

If you have purchased the original CD it is legal to make copies for personal use like say put a copy in your car so you can keep the original from getting damaged. It is illegal to give or sell copies of original CD's without explicit permission on the owner.

Is it legal to copy Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

No, it has copyright. So it is not legal to sell them and make profit, but i think you can copy them for your own use, like make your own or copy a really good card in prep for a duel, so yeah. But if you make a copy to sell that is illegal.

Is it illegal to make a copy of your citizenship certificate?

yes , cuz you dont have the legal rights to print or copy it

Is it illegal to copy rented DVDs?

It is legal. Judges have talked about this and they said that it was legal to make copies for your own.

Can you copy a PC game that is copyrighted?

Provided you already own a legal copy of the game you can make a "back up" copy for your own use.

How do you copy copyright pictures?

The same way you copy any other pictures. The only difference is whether you have the legal permission to make such a copy.

Is it legal to copy a military id card?

NO. According to Military DoD it is illegal to make a copy of a Military ID card.

Is it legal to make copies of checks?

Yes.Provided they are not for illegal purposes you may make a copy for your own records.

Can I legally make a copy of a CD or mix-tape in my car?

You can legally make copies of music you have already purchased and use it in your car but you cannot legally give the copy to someone else.

Is it legal to copy television programs to watch later?

It is legal to copy television programs to watch later. It is not, however, legal to pass that recording to other people, make copies of the recording, or publicly broadcast or display the recordings.

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