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Do you care? You want a divorce don't you.

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Q: If you married a legal alien but the marriage is not working out and you want a divorce but he is still waiting for his green card what will happen to him?
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If you married a US citizen but the marriage is not working out and you want a divorce but you are still waiting for your green card what will happen to you?

As long as you are legally married to a US citizen, you are a citizen. it doesn't matter if you get divorced or not. YOU ARE A CITIZEN!

Can happened women be working on a whole new marriage when the other divorce isn't even final?

No, one cannot get married before his divorce from Wife 1 is finalized. Therefore, the marriage is void on the grounds of bigamy (Fam. Code 2201). Alex Grager, Esq.

You are dating a married man and you have a child together but he want to divorce his wife but the problem is he is not working what should you do?

Tell him to get a job if that is the only problem, other than his marriage, that is keeping him from getting a divorce. Maybe that is just an excuse he is telling you because he doesn't want a divorce. What does having a job really have to do with a divorce anyway?

You want to get married again after 2 failed marriages?

Marriages go through many hardships and it has become common for couples to divorce instead of working it out. After a divorce it can become difficult to get married again, but you can still make it work. An open line of communication is the best way for you and your partner to keep a marriage healthy.

Why did Princess Diana divorce?

The marriage was no longer working and they were both having extra-marital affairs.

Why is divorce popular?

Many people discover that their marriages are not working out as well as they expected them to when they originally married, and they find that it is better to end an unsuccessful marriage than to perpetuate it and the arguments and conflict that goes along with it.

Can a couple from Israel that is working here on a visa file for divorce in Illinois?

Only if they registered their marriage in the USA.

Your husband filed for divorce can decline it?

Unfortunately, no. If one party to a marriage wants to get a divorce, then it will be granted with or without the consent of the other party. Courts simply will not enforce a situation where it is no longer working for some. You have the right to contest the divorce but declining the divorce will not stop the procedure from happening.

Divorce not final in Ohio wife living with man in Virginia and marries him before oour divorce final can divorce be put on hold if judge grants divorce in meantime can it be revoked or opened again?

If she married the other man before she was divorced from you, her marriage to the other man is not valid. I have come across this many times working in Immigration. She would have to get remarried to the other man once the divorce with you was final in order for it to be legal and valid. Divorces are not reopened. Once you are divorced it is final.

Did Nikki Zeno get a divorce?

she's happily married, for now, even though her husband isn't working anymore

When is it ok to divorce your wife?

If you do truly believe that your marriage is no longer worth working on, I suggest that you speak to her about it. You may surprised to hear how she feels about it. However, legally speaking it is your right to divorce and remarry when and if you would like.

Is nick cannon and Mariah Carey getting an divorce?

No, they are not getting a divorce. They are happily married, seeing as the couple has recently renewed their vows. Mariah and Nick are working on having a child as well.

How do I move on from seeing yourself as a victim of divorce and a broken marriage?

{| |- | Life isn't fair, I have been through a divorce just after a month of being married this left me quite shattered, but being optimistic can really help I tried being positive about the divorce and tried to keep my mind busy by working out and indulging in my long lost hobbies, eventually I moved on with some help of meditation too.. Be Optimistic! here is a link that could be helpful for you! |}

Is a working spouse entitled to the others pension fund at divorce?

Depends on when the other person earned the pension, how long you were married and what state you live in.

Why did justins biebers dad divorce his mom?

Justin's mum and dad were never married, so they separated because Justin's dad was away a lot of the time working.

Why are infidelity good for some marriage?

Infidelity is not good for a marriage and it is breaking the marriage vows as well as the bond of trust the couple should have for each other. Infidelity has ruined more couples relationships or marriages. Sometimes infidelity is such a shock to the other partner they will begin to realize something is not working in their marriage and they may insist their spouse go to marriage counseling or they may just walk out the door and file for divorce.

What do you do when you have no feelings anymore for your husband?

If your husband was verbally or physically abusive then that is good cause not to love him and you should divorce him. If he has always been good to you then remember you took your vows when you got married and 'marriage is not for the weak!' You at least owe both of yourselves some marriage counseling before dissolving the marriage especially if there are children involved. If, after that you have simply fallen out of love with your husband then have the courtesy to sit and talk to him and then proceed with your divorce. Many women often look at their husbands later in life (they may do the same with their wives) and wonder if they still love their spouse. Married life can be full of every day problems such as financial problems; routine (getting bored with each other) both partners working or the wife left sitting at home cooking, cleaning and looking after children. There are always problems in a marriage and as long as it is not abuse then a person should give all they have to saving the marriage and only then should they walk away.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling?

Choosing to seek marriage counseling is a big step and can yield positive results for many couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Often times, marriage counseling can either help to secure a marriage or help couples make a more sensible decision with working their problems out or going forward with a separation or divorce. Having a marriage counselor to mediate brings clarity and helps each party in the relationship take responsibility for their own part.

What happens in a divorce if one spouse is working and the other is not working?

Then go to the court house!

Why did Kris Kardashian and Robert Kardashian divorce?

They got divorced because things weren't working out. He later got married (as did Kris) but he passed away a month later from cancer.

When do you get out of a marriage?

Working together to solve problems is critical in marriage. Sometimes, even with marriage therapy, it doesn't work.

Who were Lance Armstrong's parents?

His parents divorced when he was a baby. His mother married Terry Armstrong when he was 3. They would divorce later and his mother Ann raised him as a single mother working as a secretary.

Is undertakers marriage working as of now?


Why did Angetha and Bjorn divorce in ABBA?

There was not a single incident that caused the breakup of Bjorn and Agnetha, but a combination of things. Working together for such a long time, especially the touring, was exhausting for the band members. The friction of fame and the pressures of marriage and parenting two chiildren were too much for the couple. They felt it was best to end the marriage.

How do you ask for a divorce nicely?

It is very difficult to declare your desire to end your marriage without your spouse being very hurt and upset, but that doesn't mean you can't ask nicely. Ask your spouse to sit down with you with a mediator present and gently say that you feel that your marriage is not working out and that you feel divorce is the solution. From there, questions about legal arrangements, division of property, prenups, and custody of children (if any) or pets (if any) will arise. Keep your cool.