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If you miss a period one month and the next get a really light period could you be pregnant?

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Take a pregnancy test:)

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Could you be pregnant if your period was light and short for the first time?

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light

If you have been having your period for 2 weeks and its been really light could you be pregnant?

No, periods light or heavy are a sign you are not pregnant.

If your period is always heavy but then your last period was really light as if it was spotting could you be pregnant?

The only way to know if your pregnant is to buy a pregnancy test. But if you were even pregnant you wouldn't even be haven your period.

How can you tell if you are pregnant if you do have a light period?

Spotting could be mistaken as a light period. I would suggest going to see a doctor because you could be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period in a couple of days but and could this be your last period and still be pregnant?

If your period doesnt arrive or its very light then yes you could be pregnant. If its normal then no your not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant with a light period?

Yes that can happen

Could you be pregnant if you have a light period that looks like pink show?

you can't have your period if you're pregnant

Can you have intercourse then have a period few days after then next month when your period is due it only lasts two days and is really light can you be pregnant?

if your first period was normal and then your next period was not normal for you then you could have got pregnant between the months

You had your period two weeks ago and it was really light and you had a few clots could you be pregnant?

Probably not. Take the test if your worried.

If you have your period light and a week earlier and not clots is that a sign you're pregnant?

It could be a sign you're pregnant or it could be a unusually light period for no physical reason. Do a test in a week.

Could you be pregnant if your period is very light you have unusual cramps and your nipples hurt?

Some women can have a period and still be pregnant. If you really think there is a chance, you need to break down and take a HPT.

If your period was extremely light and only lasted three days could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you were due for your period on the 2nd and had very light spotting from the 3rd to the 7th but not really a period although you did have cramping?

this is not a sure sign that you could be pregnant it could just be an irregular period mayb eif you are under any stress or if youhave changed your diet. however this can sometimes happen when pregnant and if you think you could be pregnant then you should have a test or contact your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you have a period that is early and light in flow?


You get your period on the 8th but suppose to get it on the 15thcould you be pregnant?

If the bleeding was really light and didn't last long then it could have been implantation bleeding and yes, you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

Can you get your period a week late that is light and then really heavy with bad cramps and be pregnant?

Most likely you are not pregnant. You could have has an early miscarriage however. Best wishes, T

Your period is over by a couple of days could you still be pregnant?

A: Yes, you can have a light flow menstrual period and still be pregnant.

If I had a period for one day and took two pregnancy test that were positive light positive line on both could i be pregnant?

I've known someone that while they were pregnant had their period up to the 6th month, and also, if it was really light it could have just been spotting which is a sign of pregnancy.

You think im pregnant but you got your period and its light?

You could be pregnant because spotting does occur during pregnancy, but you might just be having a light period.

Can you be pregnant if your period comes on early?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

Can you be pregnant if you have pms and your period but your period is really light different than usual?

pms has nothing to with getting pregnant but, you still can get pregnant on your period even if you are going off of it. it is 7 days before your period and 7days after your period.

Could you be pregnant if your period was a day late?

If it was only a day late, you aren't pregnant. But if it was a day late and really light and short, you could be. A late period just happens sometimes. I am normally a very regular person and I was a week late two months in a row and I wasn't pregnant.

You had a very light period had no blood lasted a day now getting light cramps in left hand side could you be pregnant your period was over a week ago you are on the pill?

You could be pregnant - take a test

Could you be pregnant even though you are bleeding lightly about 5 weeks after you think you got pregnant?

YES you can spot or have a light period while pregnant, When i was pregnant I had a very very light period at about 4 weeks. Go to a doctor!!!!

If You bleed after sex very light and about two weeks later you got your period could you be pregnant?

No Silly You Have Your Period So Your Safe Not Pregnant