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It is good that you read the intructions but if you miss one pill an dthen take it next day it will not be a problem it happend to me . if you read the instruction they will tell you that after 12 hrs passing the time to take the pill you have more risk. but take the forgotten pill and the other one a regular time if it do not pass the 12 hrs.

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Q: If you missed one pill and took it the next morning and took your next pill five hours late does this count as two missed pills?
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What would be a sign that you are pregnant when you missed birth control pills?

morning sickness it can occur 2 - 8 weeks after conception

Can taking 3 birth control pills cause you to miss your period?

Yes, taking three birth control pills or taking the morning after pill can cause a missed period.

How many missed pills before l you get your period?

usually 1 week worth of pills that are missed..i know i am on them

Is it bad to wait a few days to restart birth control after being off it with sugar pills for your period?

Yeah it is.. I've you go on the sugar pills, your on them for 7 days and you will get your period during that time. Once you finish the sugar pills, go straight on to the hormone pills which are after the sugar pills.. If you don't it will count as missed pills, abd will effect the effectiveness of the pill..

Get pregnant after missed 6 pills?

Yes you can.

Can you get pregnant on the white pills?

99% no if you are taking the rest of the pills on time and not have missed any.

You have been on Ortho Tricyclen for a few years and got breakthrough bleeding this month you missed two pills is that your period how long does it typically last?

If you missed tow pills and had breakthrough bleeding, resuming your pills should stop the bleeding. However, since you missed two pills you are not protected this month, so use a backup method of birth control.

Can become pregnant if missed 3 pills and bleeding?

You indeed can become pregnant if you missed 3 pills and are bleeding. The reason you would be bleeding or maybe spotting is because you're not taking the pills. If you've missed 3 pills in one pack, you should throw that pack away and start a new pack and definitely use backup protection!

Could you be pregnant if you recently switched from depo to progesterone only pills had a period but now 2 days late on your cycle and yes you missed pills?

If you missed pills you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test. The progestin only pill is not very forgiving of missed or late pills; consider whether another option might make more sense for you.

What if you missed the pill and got your period?

If you missed the pill and got your period, continue taking the pill as scheduled. Consider using the morning after pill if you had sex in the last five days. Use a backup method until you've taken seven pills correctly.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you missed one pill but took it 13 hours later and had unprotected sex 5 hours after that but then took your pill normally?

Not very high. I have missed 2 birth control pills before and I had unprotected sex with my husband and I did not get pregnant. I have heard that the birth control pill will still be in your blood stream for a while even if you miss one or two pills, but I am not for sure how true that is.

Can you get pregnant if you missed four birth control pills?


If you missed a week of pills can you get pregnant while on your period?

Yes you can.

Can you get pregnant after a week of sugar pills possibly missed 1 or 2 pills in the first week but also used a condom Showing symptoms fatigue stomach ache some nausea in morning diarrhea?

If you used condoms and they did not break then you should not fall pregnant.

What if you missed 4 birth control pills?

If you have missed that many pills, do not have unprotected sex. After taking your next pill wait at least 7 days before having sex unprotected.

If you missed the first week of birth control pills 7 days 7pills and then on the day of unprotected sex you take one pill and he ejaculates in you will it prevent you from falling pregnant?

No. Birth control pills are based on progesterone being in your system long-term. Chances are, you have already ovulated by skipping those seven pills. The morning after pill (PlanB) can prevent pregnancy as long as it's taken within 120 hours after unprotected sex. Plan B is the same as taking multiple regular birth control pills.

You were taking birth control pills but you missed 3 days and then you began spotting you did that for a week then you stopped taking the pills for 2 days to make your period come on can you get pregn?

Its possible but pretty unlikely. If you miss any pills then follow the instructions (which are normally to continue as if you hadn't missed any pills).

I missed a pill at night and didn't take it until the next night so 24 hours without the pill but didn't spot Last time I missed a pill I spotted right away So why wouldn't I spot?

It depends on which day of cycle you missed pills (before expected ovulation or after).

What if you already started trying to double up on the pills you missed and still have one extra pill after taking 2 pills for next 2 days then started period?

When do you start a new pack of birth control pills if you stopped in the middle of the previous pack and missed 3 pills then started period?

Was on birth control pills for 3 years and missed 1 week pills could you be pregnant?

Birth Control pills are not long acting. That is why you have bleeding if you miss just 1 dose. If you have missed a week you can get pregnant. You will need to use a back up method until you can begin taking the pills again.

What do you do if you forgot to take the pill for 2 days?

Take the missed pills

Is there a better chance I'm pregnant if I missed 3 pills?


Does pills affect semen?

Birth control pills and morning after pills affect the body of the woman taking them, not her male partner.

Could you be pregnant if you started a new pill pack on the 2nd and missed pills on the 14th-16th and you ovulated on the 16th?

You could be. You have less of a chance of being pregnant if you actually took the rest of the pills in the pack. The pill helps keep you from ovulating and also helps keep a fertilized egg from implanting. That's why morning-after pills work.

Could you be pregnant if you missed two pills during ovulation?

You don't normally ovulate when you're on the birth control pill, but missing two pills could lead to ovulation, particularly if missed early in the cycle.