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if u have sex or any contact protected or unprotected, u may, at any time become pregnant. it is even possible to have a period, in its entirety or partially and still be pregnant. all a pregnancy test is looking for is elevated pregnancy hormones in ur urine. it may take an entire month for those levels to be elevated enough for a home test to acknowledge it. if u believe ur pregnant, you should not hesitate to see ur doctor or a women's clinic or crisis pregnancy center for privacy and reduced costs if either is an issue. I have to disagree with the first answer; it is highly unlikely that a woman can become pregnant at any time of the month. You can calculate when your chance of becoming pregnant is most likely, which is halfway through your cycle. For example, if you start your period every 28 days, then your fertile time (when you ovulate) is about 14 days from the first day of your period, which is when you are most likely to become pregnant. That is why Catholics used this method (called the "rhythm method") for decades, since Birth Control was/is not allowed by the church. === ===

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Q: If you missed your period but on one of the days you had slight bleeding and then it stopped it has been 10 days since then and you took 3 pregnancy tests that were negative can you still be pregnant?
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You had unprotected sex on the 1st of September and tested on the 20th it was negative then you had sex and started to bleed then stopped bleeding can you still be pregnant?

It's unlikely but still possible, get a second pregnancy test if your worried

Do home pregnancy tests work if you're spotting or bleeding at all?

If you are pregnant it will show up, unless it is too soon. It is best to wait until the bleeding has stopped to take a home pregnancy test. A blood test may be taken while you are bleeding.

Could you be pregnant if you only had a light 3 day period and have no pregnancy symptoms but have had light cramping for the last week since you stopped bleeding?


Had a period on the 2nd of April and stopped taking the pill and had bleeding on the 10th April could you be pregnant?

If you're not using anything to prevent pregnancy, you may be pregnant. Take a test to check.

If you were bleeding 2 months after ending depo would the bleeding stop if you were pregnant?

I would think so.. If you have stopped getting your period and are no longer on the depo, I would def. take a blood or urine pregnancy test..

If not bleeding can she still get pregnant?

Usually no period indicates pregnancy. The time at which a woman is most likely to get pregnant is several days after she stops Menstruating (bleeding) in a woman with a 28 day menstrual cycle she is most likely to get pregnant on days 11 to 15 inclusive after the day she started bleeding. that means that on average she has stopped bleeding several days before she reaches her fertile stage. When a woman is bleeding she can not get pregnant assuming that the bleeding is a normal menstruation. If a woman becomes pregnant normally she will stop having any sort of menstruation.

I got my period today it was a few spots of blood now it stopped what does it mean?

You could be pregnant if you had unprotected sex. This is called implantation bleeding. It is common in the first stage of pregnancy.

8 weeks since LMP - few pregnancy symptoms - 4 neg hpt - current red bleeding - not spotting - during expected period time - used condom could you still be pregnant?

Hi. This can occur when you have recently stopped taking birth control or took the morning after pill. Another possibility is irregular periods. As you have had 4 negative home pregnancy tests, I would assume you are not pregnant. The current red bleeding is your period and as you used a condom and it did not rip, tear or fall off, there is no chance of pregnancy.

Had my period on the 26th of oct correct day stopped on the 5th of nov started again on the 8th nov stopped on the 17th nov came on the 18th nov stopped on the 20th nov came on the 1st dec pregnant?

I wouldn't think this was pregnancy related as the bleeding lasted too long. Pregnancy bleeding is usually light and only lasts a few hours to a few days. The bleeding may be due to an irregular cycle. It is not normal to experience this so see your Doctor.

Had bleeding and brown spots and bad cramps and now morning sickness has stopped since but still having cramps whats happening?

You may be pregnant go take a pregnancy test.

Does early pregnancy bleeding involve cramps?

I had early pregnancy bleeding and cramps at about 3 days after i discovered i was pregnant, i was about 4 weeks gone, the cramps were really bad, felt like bad period pains and it was all in the bottom of my back, it stopped after 4 days and everything is fine still

Is pregnancy likely if you are 5 days late but on the 5th day bleeding has occured but its lighter then normal Two previous pregnancy tests have come back negative as well?

I would wait til one week or two from when you took those pregnancy tests. It is likely because my friend got pregnant and had her period but it was light then took a test like two weeks after she stopped bleeding then it came back positive but everyone is different you just have to keep an eye on it.

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