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If you missed your period but on one of the days you had slight bleeding and then it stopped it has been 10 days since then and you took 3 pregnancy tests that were negative can you still be pregnant?

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2008-12-21 23:47:12

if u have sex or any contact protected or unprotected, u may, at

any time become pregnant. it is even possible to have a period, in

its entirety or partially and still be pregnant. all a pregnancy

test is looking for is elevated pregnancy hormones in ur urine. it

may take an entire month for those levels to be elevated enough for

a home test to acknowledge it. if u believe ur pregnant, you should

not hesitate to see ur doctor or a women's clinic or crisis

pregnancy center for privacy and reduced costs if either is an

issue. I have to disagree with the first answer; it is highly

unlikely that a woman can become pregnant at any time of the

month. You can calculate when your chance of becoming pregnant is

most likely, which is halfway through your cycle. For example, if

you start your period every 28 days, then your fertile time (when

you ovulate) is about 14 days from the first day of your period,

which is when you are most likely to become pregnant. That is why

Catholics used this method (called the "rhythm method") for

decades, since birth control was/is not allowed by the church. ===


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