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Yes, if you move to another state, a ticket from your current state can affect your insurance.

It can also affect your driver's license depending on what the ticket was for and if points were credited to your driver's license.


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Parking tickets do not affect your insurance rates, only moving violations or other tickets that take points off your license.

They seldom will withhold a license for unpaid tickets in another state. However, if the other state as suspended your license, you would not be able to get one.

In today's environment, tickets are on a computer system. It is accessed by all states. It is also accessable by the insurance companies!

They seldom will withhold a license for unpaid tickets in another state. However, if they have suspended your license in California, you would not be able to get one.

Your license can be canceled if you do not have proof of insurance or if you have unpaid tickets or fines. Your license can also be canceled if you are behind in child support payments in Florida.

It can depend on WHY it was suspended. Insurance? Fail to pay tickets? Forgot to get it renewed?

Depends on the points system in your state and the points on the tickets (also depends on if you can still afford insurance). Check your state DMV.

Can your license get suspended for seatbelt tickets how long

My lawyer advised me that seatbelt tickets do not count against you for your license as far as points go and that insurance should not be affected.

Yes, if a person gets two tickets, and loses their license, insurance rates do increase. This is because the driver becomes a liability and a danger to the public.

I've never seen an insurance company that asks for your license plate number or anything to do with you plate. When you get tickets for driving without a license plate then your insurance might go up for the points. Insurance companies don't care about your tag, the color of the vehicle, or any of these oddball things people say.

If you Transferred your NY license to a Florida driver license can still get tickets on your NY license

Your Insurance Rates will almost always "decrease" when you obtain your permanent Drivers License, barring any accident or tickets having accumulated while you had the learners permit.

Typically when you get a driver's license in a new state the tickets that appear on the old driver's license do not transfer. Accidents do however stay on the CLUE database and will follow you everywhere. Technically if have tickets in another state and don't disclose them to the new insurance company in the new state you are making a material misrepresentation on the application which has the potential to get a claim denied at some point in time. I personally don't know of that happening but there is always the extreme case.

It is possible to get a license, even if you have tickets. This can depend on what state you are in, and what the tickets are for. A person with warrants might be arrested.

Their License is suspended because they have not obtained the required SR22 fling from their auto insurance company. All they have to do is buy auto insurance and file the sr22 as well as pay any associated tickets, fines and fees. then their suspension can be lifted.

It does not matter how many tickets you have. What matters is what were those tickets for? No Insurance Tickets, DUI / DWI Tickets, accidents with no insurance and certain other activities are the types of violations that will prompt an SR22 Filing.

As soon as you get any kind of permit to drive you have the potential of having a record. If you don't get any tickets, the only record you will have is that you have a license and insurance.

You will get tickets if you don't and it is the law. Too many tickets means your insurance goes up and you can loose your license . Cars can also get impounded . Costs to not follow the law.

Tickets don't go against your license plates - they go against your actual license.

No, parking tickets do NOT affect your car insurance rate.

they put points on your license, then your rates go up about 100 dollars every 6 months.

do ny speeding tickets affect a ct license

You get 3 tickets (in any state) they yank your license

If your insurance company finds out about the tickets it is highly likely that they will raise your insurance rate.

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