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I doubt it - HIPAA privacy and all.

No. Your short term disability insurance company will determine if it is a covered event. All your employer needs to know is that it is a qualifying event. A good HR department would never ask and would not want to know why. There exposure to privacy law violations would be way to high.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-03 18:28:24
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Q: If you need to go on short-term disability to treat alcoholism does your employer need to know that this is the reason?
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Can an employer terminate you while you on out on disability?

Certainly, an employer can terminate you at any time for any reason not prohibited by law. You can't be fired simply for having a disability. You CAN be fired for becoming unable to perform even one essential job function.

Canyour employer lay you off while your out on disability?

Certainly. If employees more senior to you and less senior to you got laid off, so do you. You can't be fired BECAUSE OF disability, you can be terminated for any other reason.

Does a employer have the right to sue an employee for unemployment?

Not in most states, especially if it is a right-to-work state. The employer can terminate your employment for any reason that is not specifically prohibited by law i.e. race, religion, sex, disability, etc.

Can an employer fire you for having a disabilty and still having sick time?

If an employer fires you for having a disability,that`s discrimination. Hire an attorney(if you have a case they will take it for free) and file a lawsuit.Another View: Actually the question is unclear. You cannot be fired solely for having a disability UNLESS your employment requires that you must be physically capable of carrying out your duties.If you're using your disability as a reason/excuse for taking excessive sick leave, it can be somewhat different. Your disability will not shield you. Your employer is not running a charity and they expect you to be present at work to fulfill the duties and obligations of the position you are being paid for.

Does your employer have the right to ask for a reason for vacation day use?

no VAcation is a gift from the employer, who can set any rules for requesting and justifying leave. Certainly race, sex, age, and disability cannot enter into it, but nothing pervents the boss from asking you to justify.

What is the difference between developmental and acquired disability?

A person is born with a developmental disability. An acquired disability is a disability that is developed, for whatever reason, after birth.

Can a employer fire a employee for personal reasons?

An employer can fire an employee for any reason at all and need not explain to the former employee. Firing an employee for personal reasons that do not involve race, sex, age, religion, or disability is perfectly legal for employers of any size.

Can a previous employer tell a future employer that you were fired for drugs?

Certainly. And if that WAS the reason you were fired, the former employer has no liability. The drug use claim need not be PROVEN, it must be the employer's REASON for firing. Excellent phrasing of the answer.

What is the difference between developmental and acquired disabilities?

A person is born with a developmental disability. An acquired disability is a disability that is developed, for whatever reason, after birth.

Does an employer need a reason to fire you?

They need a good reason to fire you.

Can your employer fire you in FL based on that fact that you have a boyfriend that does not go to the church?

Unfortunately, if you are an at-will employee (no union affiliation, no contract), your employer can terminate you for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all.

If you stole money from an old employer and they find out after you left can they tell your current employer?

If it is true, absolutely no reason why not. No reason why they shouldn't tell the police either.

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