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If the judgment was not perfected as a lien against the property (which is almost impossible in Florida), the property is not encumbered and the title should be clear, thereby not causing a problem with the sale. The judgment holder will probably be able to execute the judgment as a bank account levy and/or seize funds garnered from the sale of the homestead.

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Q: If you need to sell your joint-owned house in Florida but you have a judgment against you not a lien will you have to pay the judgment first?
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If one spouse has a judgment against them in Florida can the creditor pursue or force the sale of a Connecticut property that is held by joint tenancy?

Generally yes, against the husband's interest only. However, they would need to find the property first and obtain a judgment in Connecticut.

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If your husband dies with a judgment against him what should you do with regard to the judgment?

Debts of a deceased person are addressed during probate procedure. All lenders are required to file a claim against the estate through the state's probate court. All US states have laws of succession (the manner in which an estate is distributed) with the surviving spouse and minor children being the first to be provided for. If the judgment is against the deceased spouse only and the married couple were not residents of a community property state the surviving spouse is not legally responsible for the judgment debt and it can be voided by the probate court or the surviving spouse. In some cases, no legal action is needed, the judgment becomes null and void upon the death of the debtor.

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