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Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy I started to break out a few days before I missed my period when I was pregnant (and I never had a problem with this before) when you are due for your period you should take a test. Yes,it can be. You can test like 12-14 days after intecourse. Good luck to you!

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Can intercourse be done in 4th month of pregnancy?

Yes, as long as the pregnancy is proceeding normally.

After how many days woman become pregnant?

Woman can get pregnancy with the first sexual contact. At times the exploring of the mutual sex organs can lead to pregnancy. Normally the woman gets pregnancy with in one to two years of unprotected sexual intercourse.

How long on average to get pregnant?

Normally a woman should get pregnancy within two years of unprotected intercourse. But then you can decide to take action after one year also.

Could a blood test tell you if you are pregnant just days after you've had intercourse?

Not usually. It normally takes a couple weeks for the pregnancy hormone to show up in a blood test.

How do you get kids pregnant?

Pregnancy is caused by sperm coming in contact with an egg. This is normally done through sexual intercourse. It is illegal to have sexual contact with a child under the age of consent.

How many sexual intercourses do it take to know if you are pregnant?

A single sexual intercourse can make you pregnant. Normally many such events are needed to cause the pregnancy. You can not know from the number of sexual encounters that you are pregnant or not.

How do you get your vagina wet prior to intercourse?

Foreplay normally does the trick.

Is it normal for a penis to bleed after intercourse?

Not normally. See your urologist.

Does gonorrhea stop your period?

Gonorrhoea does not stop the periods, normally. The cause of gonorrhoea is the unprotected intercourse with the infected person, usually the stranger. This sexual intercourse has caused you to become pregnant. Pregnancy has stopped your periods.

When to have intercourse and not to get pregnant?

Do the intercourse in the safe period. It normally starts from 5 days before the cycle and 10 days after the menstrual cycle.

What is viable pregnancy?

A pregnancy that is progressing normally and that will most likely result in a healthy infant.

Weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnancy normally lasts for 9 months, which is equal to 39 weeks.

Fertilization of the human egg normally occurs after the?

12 to 24 hours after intercourse

Do you lose your virginity when kissing?

No. "Virginity" is normally defined as not having had sexual intercourse.

How was Bella getting hurt in her pregnancy?

It mentions Bella breaking many of her bone and not being able to give birth to her baby normally and had to have a C-section... which was created by Edward biting open her stomach.

Will pergency be disturbed because of the fluid which is coming out after intercourse?

Sex in a normal & healthy pregnancy is safe generally up until the day you give birth. Normally the fluid is not from the female, but from the male. So you should not be alarmed by the normal whitish fluid. You should take your pregnancy health concerns to your OB/GYN.

What if pregnancy symptoms fade?

Morning sickness normally goes away by 3 months of pregnancy.

How you do intercourse in the car?

Backseat, normally. Her on top. If you have an SUV, then its just like a hard bed.

What part of speech is the word bed?

It is normally a noun but can be used as a verb in the context of intercourse.

Where is Cajun food eaten?

Everywhere but its normally eaten in The USA as they introduced it

Is pregnancy 38 or 40 wks?

pregnancy lasts for a periods of 40 weeks from last missed periods. Pregnancy lasts for 38 weeks from the date of conception. Normally you do not know the date of conception. The date of last periods is taken normally to calculate the weeks of pregnancy.

How many days after intercourse do pregnancy symptoms start showing?

You do not get symptoms till you have missed periods for 15 days. The anxiety may start as soon as or during the unprotected intercourse only. Normally the nausea starts by one and half months. Behavior of the lady may change as soon as she miss her periods. But that can not be called as pregnancy symptom. Pregnancy test becomes positive by 7 to 10 days after missed period. Morning sample of urine is usually concentrated and gives result of pregnancy test positive earlier by say two to three days. That means by 7 days of missed period.

Hat do guys think about when they stare at a girl they like?

Normally sexual intercourse with that woman they are staring at.

A temporary suspension of the menstrual cycle normally occurs during?


Pregnancy symptoms after a week?

None normally. 2 weeks at the earliest

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