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Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy I started to break out a few days before I missed my period when I was pregnant (and I never had a problem with this before) when you are due for your period you should take a test. Yes,it can be. You can test like 12-14 days after intecourse. Good luck to you!

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Q: If you normally have really good skin and then all of a sudden you are breaking out everywhere within 3 weeks after intercourse can that be a sign of pregnancy?
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Can intercourse be done in 4th month of pregnancy?

Yes, as long as the pregnancy is proceeding normally.

Is there a position in which the girl can not get pregnant and how long does it take for a pregnancy to kick in after sex?

Normally there is no such position in which intercourse can take place with pregnancy taking grip. Pregnancy normally begins about 10 minutes after you have ejaculated into the cervical canal, thus allowing the semen time to travel and fertilise the egg.

After how many days woman become pregnant?

Woman can get pregnancy with the first sexual contact. At times the exploring of the mutual sex organs can lead to pregnancy. Normally the woman gets pregnancy with in one to two years of unprotected sexual intercourse.

How do you get kids pregnant?

Pregnancy is caused by sperm coming in contact with an egg. This is normally done through sexual intercourse. It is illegal to have sexual contact with a child under the age of consent.

Could a blood test tell you if you are pregnant just days after you've had intercourse?

Not usually. It normally takes a couple weeks for the pregnancy hormone to show up in a blood test.

How do you get your vagina wet prior to intercourse?

Foreplay normally does the trick.

Is it normal for a penis to bleed after intercourse?

Not normally. See your urologist.

How many sexual intercourses do it take to know if you are pregnant?

A single sexual intercourse can make you pregnant. Normally many such events are needed to cause the pregnancy. You can not know from the number of sexual encounters that you are pregnant or not.

Does gonorrhea stop your period?

Gonorrhoea does not stop the periods, normally. The cause of gonorrhoea is the unprotected intercourse with the infected person, usually the stranger. This sexual intercourse has caused you to become pregnant. Pregnancy has stopped your periods.

Fertilization of the human egg normally occurs after the?

12 to 24 hours after intercourse

What is viable pregnancy?

A pregnancy that is progressing normally and that will most likely result in a healthy infant.

Weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnancy normally lasts for 9 months, which is equal to 39 weeks.

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