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If you only eat bananas will you lose weight?

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August 19, 2009 11:29AM

Hello everyone, I am going to prove 2 you that you can live a whole month on just bananas. I started only eating bananas on Feb. 2. The day after the Super Bowl and plan to last until the end of the first day in March. I have been drinking water but only eating bananas. I am currently on day #5. When I reach my goal I will make sure you know if I made it or not. I feel great right now and hopefully I will the rest of this month. No just by eating bananas you will not lose weight your body needs more than that. Doubt it but you would have an awefully high potassium level. Yes, because you'll be dead if you only eat bananas. You're going to become borderline malnourished before the month is up. Bananas are not particulalrly high on protein, or vitamins.

Possible ailments from malnutrition are scurvy, beri-beri, rickets and kwashiorkor. All of these are unusual nowadays, but if you're determined enough to avoid eating a sensible balanced diet, they can still happen to you.