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I'm not sure how the part gets there in 5 hours... you surely can't drive to Tallahassee in 5 hours from Texas... but for the sake of argument, let's say you have a plane. 10:30pm CST (most of Texas) is 11:30PM EST (Tallahassee) so 5 hours later is... 3:30am CST or 4:30am EST on April 17.

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K.K. Slider arrives in front of the train station on Saturday at 8PM, then leaves at 12AM.

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the man stays Friday morning and Saturday morning and leaves Saturday night

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No, the word 'when' is an adverb or a conjunction.EXAMPLESadverb: When will Hugo arrive? (Hugo will arrive when?)conjunction: Hugo will arrive whenhe leaves his job.

Your flight leaves 900pm from atlanta to uae what time will you arrive to uae Dubai?

Should arrive around 6PM-7PM.

If a plane leaves Amsterdam at 1330pm Amsterdam time what time does it land in Toronto Toronto time?

I think if a plane leaves Amsterdam at 13.30pm local time, it will arrive at 13.30pm Toronto Time. I think if a plane leaves Amsterdam at 13.30pm local time, it will arrive at 13.30pm Toronto Time. I think if a plane leaves Amsterdam at 13.30pm local time, it will arrive at 13.30pm Toronto Time.

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Saturday and Sunday are names of horses.

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It's about the winter. The cold weather is taking longer to arrive. This leads to the trees holding their leaves longer.

If your plane leaves Italy at 10 am what time will you arrive in NY?

If you leave Rome Italy at 12 Noon - what time do you arrive in New York Eastern Standard Time?

What station does the euro star arrive at in Paris from London?

It leaves from Paris Charles De Gaule station.

If a train leaves Chicago at noon traveling 60 mph when will it arrive in Oakland it's about 2100 miles?

It will arrive 35 hours later; 11:00 PM the next day.

Is there a train from Penn Station to Savannah Georgia?

YES, there is a train from Penn Station to Savannah, GA.Palmetto: leaves 6:15am - arrives at 9:03pm (14hrs 48min)Silver Star: Leaves 11:02am to arrive at 4:29am (17hrs 27min)Silver Meteor: leaves 3:15pm to arrive at 6:44am (15hrs 29min)

If a plane from new york to Los Angeles takes six hours and it leaves at 915 what time will it arrive?


A train leaves a station at 237pm at 35 mph for 10 miles When will the train arrive?

2:54 PM

If a flight leaves Miami at 6am what time will it arrive at Heathrow?

3 pm EST or 8 pm GMT

What if your flight leaves little rock at noon and lands in denver two hours later what time is it in denver when you arrive?


What if your connecting flight to Taipei 120 E leaves Los Angeles at 100 pm on Saturday The flight takes 11 hours What is the time and day when you arrive in Taipei?

I think it's 9 am. -15 hours for the time difference, with 11 hour flight gives you a -4 result. 1pm-4 hours = 9am

If a flight leaves New York NY at 415 pm what time will it arrive in Dallas TX?

the flight would probably take about four and a half hours so you would arrive in Dallas at 7:45pm dallas time

If a plane leaves London at 4.45pm in London on 10th. of sept.2008 what time will it arrive Beijing.?

It has already arrived in Beijing

Do hardwood leaves stay green all year round?

Hardwood trees lose their leaves in Autumn, facing the Winter, bare branched and in hibernation until the warmer weather and longer daylight hours arrive in Spring.

How do you take a bus from Bridgeport CT to Portland ME?

At the bus terminal purchase a ticket to Portland, then board the bus before it leaves and you will arrive in a few hours.

You used cocaine on Saturday and you have to take a drug test on Thursday will you be ok?

you should be leaves your system in roughly 48-72 hrs.

What Train from Chicago to Cincinnati?

The Cardinal runs from Chicago to Cincinnati leaving on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and returning from Cincinnati on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. From Chicago to Cincinnati the Cardinal leaves at 5:45 pm and arrives in Cincinnati at 3:17 am the next day. Returning from Cincinnati the train leaves at 1:10 am and arrives in Chicago at 10:35 am.

A coach takes 2 hours 50 minutes to travel from leeds to London If it leaves leeds at 11 30 am what time does it arrive in London?


How long do i need to arrive at Birmingham airport before going to Edinburgh?

You should check in at Birmingham at least one hourbefore your flight leaves for Edinburgh !