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Yes, if you ovulated, you will have a period. If not, then you are probably pregnant. If you haven't had a period and aren't pregnant, then you didn't ovulate. You said you ovulated, but there isn't any real way to tell unless you are testing yourself daily. Talk to a doctor if you have missed a period.

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Q: If you ovulate in a month do you have to have a period too?
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I ovulate every month but i didn't ovulate this month does that mean im pregnant?

no, did you get your period?

Does a regular period mean that you ovulate every month?

maybe. you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.

Do you ovulate two weeks after you finish your period no matter how long your period lasts?

Yes you do ovulate. But you can ovulate any time during the menstrual cycle. Also you can ovulate twice in one month.

Your last period was on July 16 when will you ovulate?

next month

Can you ovulate right after a period and twice a month?

hi my name is jasmine and i think yes because i got my period twice a month.

How often do ovulate when your period change cycle?

During a normal cycle, a female will ovulate only once per month.

Is it safe to conceive in a month that you do not have a period?

It is safe, but if you aren't having your period there may be other possiblities. You may need to go see the doctor to get your period going again. And if you didn't have your period this month, you may not ovulate this month.

You have one ovary will it ovulate every month or will i not ovulate everyother month?

If it is a normal ovary, and the human has normal cycles, it will ovulate every month.

Due you ovulate before your period?

No, you ovulate during your period.

Does ovulation occur if you have no menstrual cycle that month?

I am in perimenopause and haven't had a period for almost 3 months. Do I still ovulate if I have no period?

When do you ovulate after childbirth?

You ovulate within a month of childbirth. That is why you can have a baby one month and get pregnant the following month.

Can a women who has removed 1 of her fallopian tube still ovulate and have a period each month?

Yes They Can

How many days after period do you ovulate?

When you ovulate depends on your menstrual cycle. You ovulate two weeks BEFORE your period, so how soon after your period you ovulate depends on how long your menstrual cycle is.

Can women ovulate twice a month?

Not quite. A women will only ovulate during a single 24 hour period during her menstrual cycle, she may ovulate multiple times over that 24 hours in that both ovaries may release eggs, but she will not ovulate outside that 24 hour period. A woman cannot ovulate on two different times during her menstrual cycle.

When did cheryl cole first get her period?

She still hasn't as she's too skinny to ovulate

Do women ovulate after conception?

Your period is the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. Women ovulate once a month usually about 14 days (give or take a few) after the first day of their last period. If you did conceive (become pregnant) with that ovulation, you will typically not ovulate anymore until you have had your baby and begin having a normal period again.

Do both ovaries ovulate?

Yes. Usually alternately. This month one will ovulate, next month the other.

Do girls ovulate every month?

On average, females ovulate every month between puberty and menopause.

Can you ovulate right after period?

Yes, you can ovulate right after your period if your cycle is short.A typical menstrual cycle is 28 days, which would mean ovulation would be around day 14, but if your cycle is shorter than that you'd likely ovulate earlier too.

If you ovulate during the middle of your cycle doesn't that reduce your chances of getting pregnant since men don't want to have sex while a girl is on her period?

Your period is the start of your cycle so you ovulate two weeks before your period. The cycle is not just your period but the whole month from one period to the next.

What is the difference between safe and unsafe period?

During your menstrual cycle there is a period known as safe which is when you don't ovulate. The opposite is the period when you do ovulate which is unsafe if you want to avoid pregnancy. Some couples rely ion this as a contraceptive but it's very unsafe since women don't always ovulate at the same days each month.

When you only have your period every four months because of birth control do you still ovulate every month?

No, the point of birth control is so that your body will not ovulate so that you will not get pregnant. Your period is withdrawal bleeding, which is not the same as regular periods.

Is it possible to get pregnant in the ninth day after your period?

You can get pregnant all days of the month but not the very first of your period. An orgasm can make you start ovulate again.

Do you have a period if you do not ovulate?


When you will b ovulate if this month your period came 8 days late your cycle is 32 days long period should come on 15 June but they showed up on 22?

cycles vary usually you ovulate seven days before the menses (period) starts.