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I took my DS to GameStop and got a $55 store credit and bought the DSI.

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Can you trade in a ds for a dsi?

You can trade in a DS for a DSi at your local Gamestop. The original DS is $50.00 and the DS lite is 70.00 dollars.

Can you trade a dsi for a ds lite in gAMESTOP?

Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

Can you trade in your dsi and ds lite for a lower price for the dsi XL?

At Gamestop if you trade your DSi for a DSi XL you get $80 off the DSi purchase($189.99). If you trade your DS Lite for a DSi XL

Can you trade a ds for a dsi half price?

yh in game you can trade in a DS LITE and get a dsi for halfprice

Can you swap a ds for a ds i?

No, you can't swap a DS for a DSi but you can trade in your DS and get £75 off a DSi.

Can you sell your ds lite for a dsi?

no, but you can get a discount to trade the ds for a dsi for around 60$

Can you trade your ds for a dsi at game stop for free?

You can, but you won't get the dsi for free. You'll have to trade in your DS and you'll get a discount to buy the Dsi at 60 dollars.

Where can you trade a used DS for a new DSi if you can?

Gamestop. You cant trade it in, but you get $70 off of the DSi

What can you trade in to get a DSi?

i don't think you can now but before you could trade in your DS for a DSi that's what i did

Where can you trade in your ds lite for a DSI?

you can trade your ds lite in at game and usually get £75 so you only have to pay half the price for your DSI

Can you trade in your DS lite for a DSi?

Yes. Most video game shops will do DS Lite->DSi trade-ins, but you'll likely only get about half of what a DSi costs.

How much if you trade a ds for a 3DS?

Ds light is $50, Dsi is $70 and Dsi Xl is $100

What stores can you trade a DS or DS lite for the dsi?

Well you can trade your DS or DS Lite in at Gamestop and probably get an okay amount of money towards a DSi, but I can assure you no store would give you a DSi for an older model hands down.

Can you trade your ds for a dsi?

Yes, you can. At GameStop and other video game stores, there is/was a promotion where you can/could trade in your DS and get extra trade credit towards a DSi purchase.

Can you trade in your ds for a 3ds when it comes out?

yes, at Gamestop Trade your DSi XL and get $100 in-store credit toward the reservation of a 3DS, trade in your DSi and get $75 or trade in your DS lite and get $50.

How do you trade your ds in for a dsi?

Gamestop will pay for your DS or DS lite towards a DSi, but they usually give very little... (I think £50 for a DS lite...) they have an offer now that ends may 31, 2009, where you can trade in your ds lite for a dsi and only have to pay 100 pounds.

Will they let you trade in a ds with a cracked screen for a dsi?

no they don't let you trade in concles yes, you can give them your ds light for like 100$ off a dsi

Can you trade in your ds for a dsi?

=I think that if u trade the DS lite & 7 games in you will get £120.00...=

Were can you find a cheap dsi?

go to game stop and trade in a ds lite ds or even a gba and get mony of the dsi

Can you trade in your ds lite for a dsi XL?

yes i think you can.The most likely place that would do that would be gamestop. i think if you trade in your ds lite for a dsi XL you get the dsi XL for $130.

Can you trade a Nintendo DS for a DSi at Game Stop?

No,sorry because the dsi is more advanced than the ds lite or ds original. : ( sorry

How do you trade Pokemon from ds to dsi?

You can i have both of them and it worked

Can you upload your DS Lite to a DSi?

no you can't. but if you go to gamestop and trade it in you get 70$ and a dsi.

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