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If you played finish Pokemon ruby what should you do?

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If you finish ruby get another version of pokemon.

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How do you finish the hoen pokadex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to trade all of the hoenn-exclusive Pokemon from a Pokemon ruby/sapphire/emerald cartridge

On which level does the Pokemon Phanpy evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

Phanpy should evolve into Donphan on level 25 in Pokemon Ruby.

What Pokemon should you have to go to the moon in Pokemon ruby?

You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby

How do you get to the 4 gym city in Pokemon Ruby?

i haven't played that version but if you go to youtube search up pokemon ruby walkthrough

How you get ruby in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you get the ruby in mount ember. (note:there should be two rokets)

You love Pokemon but you can not decide what Pokemon game should you play Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon ruby is better. i have both the games and ruby is the better out of the two so you should play ruby. Pokemon fire red is good but ruby wins my vote i think that Pokemon fire red is better personally so i would go with fire red but its ur decision Neither go old school and get Pokemon blue,yellow, or red

How do you finish Pokemon ruby sapphire emerald quickly?

unless your a very bad hacker then you cant sorry

How do you migrate between Pokemon Pearl and Ruby?

After you beat the Elite Four, go to Route 221, and Pal Park should be open. You can migrate from Pokemon Ruby at the main menu. However, Pokemon CANNOT return to Pokemon Ruby.

Should you get Pokemon emerald or ruby?

you really should get emerald cause Pokemon ruby and Sapphire are separate and emerald is those 2 put together so instead of getting ruby and getting groudon just get emerald and you can get groudon and kyroge and newer Pokemon

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

How do you get the ruby in Pokemon Ruby version?

There is no ruby. Pokemon ruby is just the name of the game.

How do you finish the diamond game?

You finish the game by beating the Elite Four. If you beat that try to get all the Pokemon from firered, leafgreen, emerald, sapphire, ruby, and pearl.

How do you finish Pokemon Ruby version?

nope.your Pokemon ruby version will never end.you can beat the elite four over and over again.catch latios,the regis brothers,rayquaza,groudon,catch Pokemon up to 200,train your Pokemon stronger,~so much to do.................

What to do next after you finish collect the ruby and sapphire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You bring them to Celio on one island. I know that you are able to trade with Pokemon emerald, ruby and sapphire after of you have beaten the Pokemon league and collected at least 60 Pokemon. You have to talk to proffessor oak to get the national dex

How to finish Pokemon FireRed?

You have to beat the elite four and catch all of the pokemonAll u have to do is1. beat the elite four 2. catch 60 Pokemon min.3. finally finish the game by fining the ruby and sapphire

Where should you go to catch Groudon in Pokemon sapphire?

you can only get groudon on Pokemon ruby.

How to get todidial on Pokemon ruby?

beat the elite 4 then finish your hoenn pokedex prof birch will give him to u

Where is the move deleter in ruby destiny?

I've never played Pokemon Ruby Destiny so I don't know. But in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald versions. The move deleter is in Lilycove City.

Is Pokemon Ruby destiny a real game?

Pokemon Ruby is a real game, Pokemon ruby destiny is not.

How do you get Kyogre in ruby?

I don't know. But, In Pokemon Ruby... I think there's only groudon... Not kyogre. So no way to get kyogre in Ruby. But, I think If legendary pokemon can be trade. You should trade from your save on Pokemon Sapphire or Pokemon Emerald. Hope this help... ~AquaBlitz11

What are all the shiny Pokemon I could get in ruby?

All The Shiney Pokemon You Can Get In Pokemon Ruby Are All The Pokemon You Can Get in Ruby Any Pokemon Can Be Shiney Even Starters and Legendaries. So There Are 200 Shiney Pokemon You Can Get In Pokemon Ruby.

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