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Absolutely! I used to wear 4.5" heels to work on a shop floor 12 hours a day. If you stop wearing them for a while, it will take a while to get back in to them, but persevere!

It also depends on where your feet hurt. The wrong size shoe can cause problems or injuries to your feet over time even if you practice. But some soreness in the arch, ball of the foot, or in the calf can be expected if you go from flat or 1 inch heels to 4 inch without working up in size of the heel. Also not everyone can wear something like a 5 inch heel. Animalgirl12's answer:Actually, you should wear them very sparingly, because wearing them often will result in severe back and foot problems due to way they cause your spine to curve unnaturally.

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Q: If you practice walking in high heels enough can you walk for long periods without your feet hurting?
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