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Why do I bruise without actually hurting myself

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Q: Why do you bruise whiteout actually hurting yourself?
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Why does your bruise not hurt?

it may be because the bruise is so old it stops hurting or maby you've hit yourself there alot of times your body is used to it

How do you bruise yourself?

You can bruise yourself by knocking or hitting a body part. It does not have to be hit hard - just enough to burst a blood vessel beneath the skin.

How do you hurt yourself?

razor? sharpener blade lighter matches, bruise yourself bit yourself etc

Is there anything you can do with a bruise?

To deal with a bruise, the best thing you can do to make it heal quiker it to avoid hitting it or hurting it. There's not much you can do for it. Just leave it alone and it will go away in its own.

Can you bruise your self?

Yes. You can bruise yourself by squeezing your arm really hard, or by bumping into a door or the corner of a table.

Can you get a bruise from scratching yourself?

yes, it happens to me all the time

Where is the best place to bite yourself and leave a bruise?

nowhere . why would you want to do that?!?!?!?!

Hard lump on forehead left after a bruise why?

It's because you touch yourself at night!

Why do you get bumps when you hurt yourself?

because the blood is going to that area to heal it and creats a bruise

Can a bruise under toenail be cancer?

It might. It depends on how you got it. I have a bruise under my toenail from my friend who stepped on my foot with her high heels on. If this comes out of the blue, and it won't stop hurting, then you might have it. It's very rare. If you got this from something that hurt your toenail like I did, then It probably is not skin cancer.

Which one heals faster a cut or a bruise?

well,it actually depends. how deep is the cut and how hard did you hit the part of your body to make it bruise?

Are bruises bad when you don't hit yourself and you get them?

Not necessarily. A bruise may occur from what you thought was only a small bump, or when you are so busy doing something (especially in sports) that you don't notice the injury until a bruise actually forms. However, if you are prone to getting these bruises and particularly if there is a family history of haemophilia and other like diseases, you should consult a doctor, just in case.

Why do you get bruises?

we get bruises because it is bleeding under the skin which causes the discoloration. If you bump yourself and have a bruise athe next day its from bleeding under the skin. If however you always have bruises or bruise eaisly see your doctor.

Why do you get bruises when you don't even hurt yourself?

In your body a vein or capillary has broken creating a bruise, however you may not have realised you hurt yourself, for example if you are asleep and hit your arm of somthing and you bruise you wont think anything happened. or if you don't feel pain when you hit somthing so you didn't notice.

How do you inflict a bruise on your ankle?

Well, you won't be able to see evidence of a bruise because there isn't a lot of tissue to disrupt. A bruise is the aftermath of the disruption of capillaries. Once the capillaries are broken because of the hit, then blood rushes to the area to fix the damaged tissue. Since there isn't much tissue on your ankle, it's hard to receive a visible bruise. I don't suggest trying to give yourself one.

Is it considered emo if you purposely bruise your body?

yes it is considered emo. not as emo as if you were cutting yourself, but bruising yourself on purpose is not very good to do!i know emo people and they bruise themselves as often as cutting!dont do it!it's not healthy.

Is a bruise worse than a bruise?

ummm..... please specify what the difference between a bruise and a bruise is :)

Is a inside bruise worse than a bruise?

No its not really that sreious then a regular bruise

What is a bruise called?

A bruise is a contusion. This medical word sounds, and the bruise itself often looks, much more serious than it actually is. A bruise or contusion occurs when small superficial blood vessels are injured, allowing blood to seep into surrounding tissues. If there is no underlying injury, such as a fracture, superficial bruises heal within 7-10 days. If there is trauma or fracture, bruising can linger for weeks to months.

Why does a bug bite have a bruise around it?

Bug bites have bruises around them because when the insect attaches itself to you is is basically sucking your blood. Because they get the blood from you veins, your blood cells are breaking up this is what causes the funky purpely color. Just like when you get a bruise from hitting your leg on a desk (its breaking up blood cells causing yourself to bruise

Will rubbing a bruise allow the blood to disperse under the skin and really help it fade away?

No, it will actually no good.

Can you have black eyes?

Black eyes aren't really black, they are actually a very dark brown, so technically, it is impossible to have black eyes. unless your talking about the the bruise yes people can have a black eye bruise

What rhymes with cruise?

bruise, lose, oozebruisebruise

Can you bruise a bone?

A bruise is like a temporary clotting of blood. The short answer is YES. You can bruise a bone.

Can you bruise your esophagus?

I think so.! Im pretty sure my esophagus is bruised right now...or maybe i just twisted my head around too fast. I was at a soccer game & i turned around really fast and my esophagus has been hurting since. Its not even my neck just that one part. & whenever i touch it, it hurts just like a bruise.

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