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* Brown - positive * Blue - negative * Yellow/green - earth == == Find a continuity tester and remove all of the bulbs. Check continuity between the center of the socket and one of the wires. Whichever wire goes to the center connector of the socket should go to the BLACK wire of your house wiring. If you detect continuity to more than one wire, or if some sockets are wired differently, something is wrong and you'll need to get it checked out professionally. Next check the continuity of the rim of the outer connector of the socket. That would be where the outside of the bulb screws into the socket. Whichever wire goes to the rim of the bulb should go to the WHITE wire of your house wiring. Last, check the continuity between a metal part of the fixture and whatever wire is left. That should be the ground connection and should be connected to the green or bare wire of your house wiring. The procedure above is by far the safest way to be sure you have the right connections. However, the international (IEC) standard color-code for cords is: hot is brown, neutral is blue, safety ground is green/yellow stripe. Therefore, if everything is wired correctly in the lamp, you will have brown to your house black, blue to white, and green/yellow to the bare (or green) grounding wire. You have probably also discovered that European bulbs (E27) are not the same size as north American (E26). For a thorough discussion of light bulbs, see

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Q: If you purchased a chandelier made in the Czech Republic and the wires are blue brown and yellow green how do you connect it to your wires?
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