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Residual-based financing has lender-specific rules ( GMAC, FMC, Mazda American Credit, etc. )so read your contract section that pertains to " Early Termination." Your agreement should state clearly and specifically what your rights/options are if you terminate the loan agreement prior to maturity. Normally you CANNOT return the vehicle prior to maturity without substantial penalties ( early termination fees ). At the very least you would probably be liable for a deficiency if the vehicle is worth less than you owe. Consider selling the vehicle or trading-in for another car/truck ( both of which you may do at YOUR discretion,at least on any Smartbuy/Gold Key Plus/Red Carpet Option agreement I've ever seen )that better suits your needs. If you're still unclear about the early return consequences contact the lender directly and note the time, date and name of the person you spoke with and the specific advice you were given.


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Q: If you purchased a new Mazda through smart buy can you turn in the car whenever you want and just pay a cancellation fee?
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