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NOPE, they are part of the car.

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Q: If you put a lot of money in fixing up a car can you get the parts you installed back after it is repossessed?
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Jobs involving parts are in demand. Auto parts to mechanical engineers and just mechanics. From fixing cars, to adding parts to cars or fixing electronic equipment can make someone a good living.

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Is it a criminal offense to strip and sell parts off a vehicle before letting it be repossessed?

Yes. The charge might be grand larceny depending upon the value of the vehicle, amount received for the parts and other extenuating circumstances.

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What can they do if you strip a motorcycle before it is repossessed?

Strip??? as in no motor or tranny?? no wheels? Well, there are laws against doing so. Some states its a felony. BUT, the bottom line is MONEY. You cant sell the parts for what it cost you when the lender sues you for the deficiency balance. Good Luck you could be in serious legal trouble if you do that. however...were you to do that the individual parts would probably wind up getting you more money in the long run (if you dont get caught). the individual parts are worth more than the whole thing...just ask your local chop shop.

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Front Rotors and shoes installed 2003 Pathfinder I have the parts just want install estimate?


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