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No. Check out for more Coke myths and urban legends.

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Q: If you put a tooth in a cup of Coke overnight will it dissolve?
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How can you test that soda is bad for your teeth?

well, I'm going to use coke for an example, out a tooth i a cup of coke and keep it there for the night, see what happens.when i did it, the tooth had dissapeared. this proves that soda is bad for you teeth. if you don't believe me, find out yourself. I would get a cup of coke and use half an egg shel nd leave it in the glass for at leat a day or longer if you desire.Another way is to boil an egg in coke but the first one is the best.xx

How many calories are in one cup of coke?

1 cup of coke = 98 calories

What will happen with a tooth in Coke when it has been sitting in there for a long time?

it will rot a way to see this process happen quicker u can drop an ice cube in a cup of coke, then a couple secs later, pour out the coke and look at the little creaders in the ice, that's like a cavity for ice

Do Mexicans put their tooth in a cup for the tooth mouse?

no, the tooth schpider

How much salt can you dissolve in a cup of water?

You can dissolve 1/4 cup of salt in one cup of water. Slightly (10%) more if the water is boiling.

How many teaspoons are in a cup of coke?

1 cup = 48 teaspoons 1 teaspoon = 0.02 cup

How many calories and fat does a cup of coke have?

There are about 142 calories in a 330 mL can of coke. Of this, 0g are fat.

How does sugar dissolve in a cup of tea?

it get wet

What are the main reasons for tooth decay?

A lot of people, mothers especially, seem to think that sweets and fizzy drinks are the main cause of tooth decay. Cola is a big one too, thanks to the "Leave a tooth in a cup of Cola and it'll dissolve" experiment. However, Cola is only on your teeth for a short period of time, so it doesn't help a lot to tooth decay. Mainly, it's bad oral hygiene that causes tooth decay.

How much does a cup of coke weigh?

depends if its cut or uncut

Who are the bibgest sponsors World Cup?

mac Donalds and coke

Can salt dissolve in 1 cup of water?

Yes it can.

Can mango seeds dissolve in one cup of water?


How many serving in a gal coke i n a 16oz cup?

There are 16.

How do you make coke that can smoke out of the cup?

You Add This Gassy Ice Stuff.

How many calories in a cup of coke?

There are 100 calories in 1 cup (8 fl. ounces) of Coca-Cola.

If sugar is put into a cup of tea it will?

Dissolve... mixing with the tea.

Can powdered juice dissolve in 1 cup of water?

Yes it can.

When Vinegar can be be dissolve one cup of water?

Up to one cup of water. After that it is a solution of water in vinegar.

Does heating a cup of water dissolve more sugar?

Yes. Warm water can dissolve more sugar the cold water.

How much sugar will dissolve in 1 cup of water?

The solubility of sugar (sucrose) is approx. 2.000 g/L at room temperature; it is a very high solubility. If a cup has 200 mL you can dissolve in it 400 g sugar. This is about 338g for 1 cup.

Does salt dissolve is a big cup of tea quicker than a small cup of tea?

yes but only if its tetly

When you put a sugar cube in a cup of hot water what will happen?

It will dissolve.

What is the maximum amount of sugar that will completely dissolve in a cup of water?

try it

Does the sugar dissolve in one half cup of water?

if the water is heated